5 best gifts for fans of the cryptocurrency on New year

Before the New year just over two weeks, so the meter is officially launched. So we decided to pick up the best gifts that are suitable for friends who are interested in cryptocurrencies. Well, or to beg for these gifts they have are also great.

The contents

Cryptotag Zeus

What do you get for cryptodira, which it already? For example, the ability to engrave up to 24 led-phrases for the recovery of purse on high-quality titanium sheet.

Cryptotag Zeus. Source: Twitter

I’m sure many of you will say that this is suitable, and an ordinary sheet of paper. But what if there’s a fire? In such cases, the cryptocurrency will be protected thanks to a set of Cryptotag Zeus Starter Kit. These metal plates can withstand up to 1670 degrees Celsius, and thus they can be considered bulletproof.

In addition, the process of point engraving is a pleasure — it’s like pushing a bag with pimples. Special attention is given to quality and aesthetics of the packaging.

Of course, the price Cryptotag Zeus Starter Kit 99 Euro may scare, but it all depends on how much cryptocurrency is at stake. Most importantly, the Titan Board stencil is adapted only for purses Ledger and best wallet. So if you’re going to make such a gift, make sure that the recipient already had purses of these manufacturers.

Buy get here. Delivery works.

Hardware wallet Gray best wallet Corazon

Just look at this amazingly beautiful hardware wallet Gray best wallet Corazon. Who said that criptural have to be unattractive? If you are willing to fork out for a gift, then Corazon will be quite a “bold experiment in mechanical and technological arts”.

Gray Best Wallet Corazon. Source: Gray.inc

Gray best wallet Corazon is like a Rolex among cryptocurrency Bitcoin hardware wallets. Majestic but elegant, attractive, but austere. The creators of this crypto is not exactly know about style.

But now the prices. This hardware wallet comes in three models. Prices start from 636 euros at the end of 1365 euros. More than all cost limited edition gold model. Unlike conventional hardware wallet, you can drop Gray best wallet Corazon with the tallest skyscraper in the world, and there are no scratches. It’s all in the hull, covered with an aerospace titanium.

To buy the device will get here.

Physical bitcoin

If armored tresory and titanium plates seem unnecessary stuff, how about a physical bitcoin? For lovers of luxury, the company Denarium is a few bitcoin to choose from, cast in gold. Inside the ingot there is a hologram that will allow you to store and use bitcoins as a paper wallet.

Bitcoin. Source: denarium.com

The coin weighs 1 ounce is 2190 Euro excluding the cost of bitcoins, of course. Coin in a half-ounce will cost 850 euros. Gold-plated version, by the way, is 13.90 euros.

If anything, Amazon, Etsy or eBay, you can even order the plastic version, the prices of which start from $ 1.

You can buy coins here.

Socks with bitcoins

The only fan of cryptocurrencies from your environment — this is some distant relative whom you see once every few years? Then you shouldn’t fork out for a gift and do socks.

Socks with bitcoins. Source: Amazon

Socks with bitcoins can be a great way to defuse the situation and somehow maintain a relationship. And they are only 10-20 dollars.

Buy the pair here. Just make sure the seller makes a delivery in your region is indicated beneath the product.

Lighter in the form of Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency Hodler often smoke, because checking rates BTC — the more stress. Here you can make a nice gift, which once again will remind you that a savings in coins. For example, to give electronic cigarette lighter without a flame in the form of Bitcoin.

BTC is a lighter. Source: Life Changing Products

Lighter of durable zinc alloy with silver or gold will cost $ 24. Included is a USB cable through which it is recharged.

You can buy here.

Of course, there are many other gifts from hideous jumpers to chocolate amount of cryptocoins and soap in the form of Bitcoin. Whatever your ideas, we have to act now, because time is not enough.

In our cryptodata Christmas elves you’ll find lots of other useful information.

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