5 clever tricks to speed up Android phone

The operating system starts in Android work fast and perform well, and with the passage of time begins to slow down, the next to collapse a lot of apps.. here’s 5 magic tricks to speed up Android phone.

5 حيل سريعة تسرع من هاتف الأندرويد5 quick tricks to steal from Android phone

5 quick tricks to steal from Android phone

Recognize the device

Before you install a large range of applications you identify the version of Android Your, it is possible for those applications a lot with the version of your phone to diminish the speed of the device, and here you have:

  • Make sure that the version of your phone is not less than 0, then it will be old and this is the cause of normal pressure.
  • You know on your memory cards, it is possible to a memory card with more space to slow down your phone, though, provided adequate space.

Update your Android version

Google always introduces updates landed and new versions, the aim of which is to avoid the mistakes the previous version and increase the speed of the new version, so you’ll need:

  • Get the new version of the operating system of your Android, you get to some of the nurses and also required.
  • The new update for Android helps you get rid of all app data in your phone and cache.

Clear Cache

With the passage of time and with the use of the formation of different applications are stored some data in the folder cache existing on the phone, the accumulation of this data works to slow down the phone significantly, get rid of which helps your phone to speed, and to find out the amount do the following:

  • Scroll to list of storage including the identification data stored you will know how much to use.
  • And you can delete the cache for all applications or specific to individual applications only.

Get rid of unwanted apps

Remove unwanted apps one of those scams, the device that you are using mostly populated with apps be third-party and you don’t use, and are installed by the manufacturer, thus slowing down the Android phone and delete will process your device the required speed.

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Update apps

Applications will be need to continuous update in order to keep nurses and to avoid previous mistakes, this, in turn, change the old versions that had a hand in slowing down your phone where:

  • When you update the app you’ll find it works smoothly and efficiently than older versions.
  • Those applications are updated with the war by her company to increase the speed on the old versions.
  • Also be subject less to or disruption during the work.
  • That live is only one space, then its area is larger than the area of previous applications.

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