5 daily tasks you can do with the Amazon Echo

Helped development aid audio performance, a lot of daily tasks through voice commands only, also led to the increasing popularity of services and tools that rely on image recognition technology – such as: Alexa, Amazon, Assistant, Google Voice, Google Assistant, will be from Apple, and Cork Our from Microsoft – to to technology companies by giving priority to the development of the duties of the conversation and its organs.

If you have a speakers smart home which supports voice assistant Alexa, such as: Amazon Echo or Echo Plus, or Echo the Input, they can help you in performing many daily tasks easily and efficiently top.

The following are the 5 daily tasks you can do with the device (Amazon Echo) Amazon Echo:

1. make phone calls:

When it seemed to us that landlines home has ended its era, handed it back to the Amazon to life, where you can now use the voice assistant Alexa to make calls to devices that support it in other houses, as was the case with answering machines in the nineties you can also leave a message.

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Also, anyone who has your number can connect to the microphone, your Alexa, as you can block unwanted incoming calls.

2. get ideas and tips for cooking:

Even now; you cannot afford to Alexa, cooking instead of you, but it will definitely help you to make the cooking process easier and less stressful, by doing things like:

  • Get the conversions and ingredients via voice command, for example: “Alexa; it also tablespoons in a quarter cup?”.
  • Access to recipes cook new, such as “Alexa, I want to get recipes from AllRecipes”, which means that the device is able to read the necessary ingredients and procedure to be followed step-by-step.
  • Listen to your favorite music while cooking, such as: “Alexa; and turn on some jazz music”.
  • Adjust multiple timers to continue cooking outside of the kitchen.

3 – control the TV.:

There is no doubt that all of us learn of the loss of the remote control at the TV, he is more something disappears in the house without a reason, you can now by made audio Alexa verified in TV almost entirely via voice commands, use the setup process some time, but once you’ve set up, you can control via your voice, such as:

  • “Alexa, turn on the TV”.
  • “Alexa, run (Netflix) Netflix”.
  • “Alexa, tell Harmony (the name of the remote control) to stop”.

To do this, you will need to a remote control such as: Harmony that comes with the Harmony Hub (you can also buy the Hub separately).

4 – learn how to cleaning:

If you don’t know how to perform cleaning tasks properly; can Assistant audio Alexa to say teach you that easily, all you need to do is activate the feature: Clorox Clean; and to learn how to organize everything in your home.

In addition you can provide these property tips on how to clean it faster; so don’t spend your entire day in some cleaning tasks only.

5 – use Spotify to play music:

By default; tell Alexa to play music from through the service of Amazon Music, but if you are using (Spotify) Spotify, you can change this setting so that you can use (Spotify) as a default.

It also has no Alexa ranking also have more custom features to serve Amazon Music, for example: you can ask about a song today, you will run them for you.

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