5 facts you might not know it from the company ByteDance owners to develop TikTok

Everyone is talking about the application to watch the short video clips (Tik Tok) TikTok on the background of trade war existing between the United States and China, but outside China there are few people know the company (MB Dan) ByteDance Chinese Royal Inquiry, which is one of the largest technology companies in China and the world.

Although the application of the (tick tock) represents the top of the success of the company in the world, except that the company already owns a range of applications , successful in the group of Asian states different in the China market by the first and the most important and Main, such as: application (Douyin) faced his fame in China famous application (tick tock) in the world.

As you call the company (ByteDance) – taken from the Chinese capital Beijing headquarters of major – company list of emerging higher value in the world, worth up to $ 140 million, according to CB Insights.

The following are 5 Facts You may not know about the company ByteDance owners to develop TikTok:

1. number of company employees exceeds the number of Facebook employees:

In the month of March of the current year revealed the founder and chief executive of the Company (Zhang Yiming) that the number of employees of the company in the world has exceeded 60.000 employees, is expected to bring the number up to 100,000 by the end of this year, according to The Information constitutes the staff of advertising sales and content control a quarter of the workforce in the company (ByteDance).

(Zhang Yiming) founder and CEO of ByteDance Chinese owners to develop TikTok

Where the company now has a large number of staff exceeds the staff of the company Facebook, but Facebook excels in achieving revenue, where the company brought us a profit of $ 71 million in 2019, while the company achieved a (ByteDance) a profit value of $ 17 million in the same year.

2 – all their products use artificial intelligence:

The application does not require News Chinese (Jinri Toutiao) the flagship of the company (ByteDance) editor to lead the content strategy of its own as do the pads other news; because the crew edit the content in the app is a collection of algorithms for artificial intelligence and deep learning, which offers customized content to users.

Where the application uses artificial intelligence, such as the application of the company’s major other: (TikTok) and (Douyin), to display a summary of final user of publications and videos that are recommended by the algorithms, all based on the user’s age, sex, and location, and his personal preferences.

3 – tend the company to invest in startups:

After its establishment one year only – in 2013 – the company started investing in a series of blogs and in Chinese media: such as blog (Xinzhiyuan), which focuses on artificial intelligence, and the news of the Chinese economic (Caixin Globus).

Also directed the company to invest outside China, as an acquisition of the application (Musical.ly) in 2017, which was later converted to an application (TikTok), one of the most successful companies in the field of foreign investment, based on the investment operations of the kind undertaken by the company, they prefer technology sectors, certain other sectors especially the sector of technical services.

4. the company has ByteDance big plans for the games:

In the month of March got the company the first license to launch games for mobile phones from the Chinese authorities, which allows it to publish games for phones legally in the Chinese market.

He stated the report of Bloomberg that the company is also building a section for the games will provide more than 1000 employees, with two games already in the pipeline, as reported by the report of another game (Combat of Hero), developed by the company is becoming more iOS games free downloads in Japan for four consecutive days during the month of March.

5 – online education sector strategic objective of the company:

Police have made over the past two years several attempts to get a foothold in the online education sector by launching a platform to learn new in China; such as: Gogokid, and AiKID, and Dali Ketang, in addition to the many acquisitions and new investments, where he says a top executive in the company: “the company is planning to invest a huge amount of capital in business technology education”.

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