5 features hidden Android Pie

With each update new Android, we find several distinctive different, where Google hide these options to avoid the non-expert users to change settings are wrong, we will continue with you today 5 features hidden in the Android Pie.

Possible flags are

Needs Android 9.0 Pie on the secret list as the possible flags, which allow the user to change the properties of the design to go back to the appearance of the Android oreo for didn’t like the look of the new version.

Rate user interface

This feature appeared hidden with Android 6.0, while the transition of many of their characteristics to other places, they remain one of the few ways to very to modify the form of the notification bar without root.

The game flappy bird

Always comes Android with a surprise in each new version, although this surprise is currently no longer only the appearance of the shape of the fabric on the body of the letter or symbol such as the letter P for the last, only that the game flappy bird appeared first on Android 5.0 lollipop, to be adjusted later in the Android 6.0 marshmallow to include pieces of marshmallow inside the game, which is still Android P.

To open the clock application quickly

This feature is very useful for access to develop the clock and Alarm Clock quick, where can be reached when you take down the notifications bar to reveal the settings and the pressure on the former.

Conquest fast for the battery

Similar for the previous one, when you take down the notification bar and pressing on the battery icon, it will open a list of information of the battery immediately.

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