5 features in system tvOS 13 of Apple

The company revealed the Apple TV during the events of its annual conference for developers WWDC this year, about the version of the operating system tvOS 13 – an operating system dedicated For Home Entertainment affiliate for the Apple TV – which included many new features including: support for multiple users, the Center for a new controller, called application service new games (Apple TV for the arcade) Apple Arcade.

It wasn’t the operating system tvOS from Apple TV systems that are very widely spread, but it garnered significant attention through 2019, especially after the announcement of the service the new games for the arcade, which gives users access to over 100 exclusive game and will be available in more than 150 countries.

Has stated Greg Joseon you Greg Joswiak, vice president of Product Marketing Apple: “the operating system tvOS has become the driving force to experience the Apple 4K TV, which offers more features that are compatible with the character profile for each user to enjoy her favourite TV programs, movies, photos, and music, in addition to the greatest support for the games, with screen the new forecast, to be the entertainment experience provided by the issuance of tvOS 13 the full experience to be enjoyed by all family members”.

The following are the most notable 5 features in the operating system tvOS 13 of the Apple TV during the next autumn:

1 – support for multiple users:

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The centre facilitates control Apple TV the new switch between a number of users, in order to enjoy all of them entertainment experience compatible with the character of his personal, each user can see the list Up Next to their own, and get recommendations of TV shows, and movies based on his personal taste.

It also provides a new Control Center users quick access to the features of the Apple TV president, including turning off the system temporarily, and audio guidance.

2 – Apply the Apple Arcade:

5 ميزات مرتقبة في نظام tvOS 13 من آبل خلال الخريف القادم

Apple announced during the month of March last for the gaming service the new Apple TV for the arcade, so his monthly fee allows participants access to a range of games possible, as they will be released to iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV through this fall.

But during the WWDC conference; featured new tab to serve the Apple TV for the arcade as an application on the issuance of tvOS 13, the firm said that it could be a family consisting of six members of the use one subscription for unlimited to more than 100 game of games new and exclusive, without ads or additional purchases.

But it is not yet clear; how this app works, so it can be a place for independent browsing through your favorite games, or a central repository for all games I’ve played, or maybe you’ll start playing them instead of looking for games on the screen of the Apple TV main. We’ll undoubtedly learn more about the app when you launch the tvOS system 13, the service Apple TV for the arcade during the fall semester.

3 – screensavers new:

شاشات توقف جديدة

Work Apple TV to add more screen savers 4K HDR to range screensavers amazing available on Apple TV 4K, with the addition of scenery to the depths of the sea, the ocean.

Announced Apple TV they filmed the footage in collaboration with the unit of the Natural History of the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC, which is the same unit that has produced a series of documentaries Blue Planet, to provide these videos to immersive, taken from the depths of the sea, oceans around the world.

4 – description of the update application:

وصف تحديث التطبيق

This may seem simple for some, but there who likes to know what’s in each update to our favorite, regardless of the product that works for them.

In the version of the operating system tvOS 13, you can find information about the new update in any application. You only need to head to his page in the App Store, and scroll down to the section (around) About, to find this information.

5 – more support for controllers games:

وحدات التحكم بالألعاب

Adds tvOS 13 greater support for months gaming controllers in the world, where it supports both: Xbox One’s, PlayStation DualShock 4, to the delight of the lovers of games take advantage of Apple TV for the arcade, and other cool games on the App Store.


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