5 features proposed by Android 11 iPhone

When they announced the Apple about the iOS 14, to avoid the users of the Android features a lot of from their system, however, some of the advantages that up Android 11 exist before the iPhone. Knowing this, some more listed here new in Android 11, but it was available from within the user interfaces of your company’s manufacturers for Android devices.

Granting the permission to one

Feature arrived with iOS 13, which is an option granting the permission to one, such as the arrival of the camera to the location data, which is a preparation intended to restrict the applications and increase of privacy. The water has reached the Android platform 11 as it is, it has increased to the applications that you are not using 3 months to lose the permissions automatically and you must prevent them for the investigation of new.

Quick navigation between Bluetooth devices

In Android 11 Raw became easy to navigate between media devices connected quick settings; you can breathe between speaker Google Home or a Bluetooth device from the center of the quick settings above the notifications, a feature already provided by iOS.

Interface images

In Android 11 Raw became a photo Screenshot appear in the sample at the bottom of the screen, you can click on, and edit, before he can access tools to modify the sound of notifications. This feature was available before with iOS 11.

Control settings in smart devices

Became the control settings in the smart devices available from anywhere in the Android system through a new menu can be called for extended power button, a feature present in the control center of the iPhone since the iOS 10.

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Video recording the police

Imagine that even now there is no video recorder for the company in the Android raw, although the user interfaces of the manufacturers for Android devices and iOS system may ATO water years ago.

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