5 features to open them the application WhatsApp is users its presence


When it comes to the applications of instant messaging, we find that WhatsApp is dominating the market in the end, especially with a user base that includes more than a million users in addition to new features being added regularly each period, which made many believe in the end, but at the same time there are some nurses that didn’t exist until now:

The advantage of poking Poke

At the time you provide the many applications of such water, we find that WhatsApp does not provide this feature to users, where do you think we have some other applications in an attempt to attract the attention of the users.

Filters images

Become feature filters images is very common, where we find it currently available on snapchat to Instagram, yet they did not reach Watson August at the present time, while the app allows users to edit images by adding texts and symbols to it before it is sent, the filters live has not yet reached the instant messaging apps in the.


Although WhatsApp provides users with a lot of emoji, but it is still even now does not provide users the advantage of stickers, although many other applications as Visa Facebook Messenger and Viber etc provide such feature for users

Put an end to the groups

Are chat groups of nurses is very important in instant messaging programs, where it enables users to talk to more than one person at the same time, the content of the WhatsApp features group chats, but the biggest problem is that the app puts an end to communities in which no more than 250 participants.

Selfies GIFs

Provide many of the applications of instant messaging users the ability to capture selfies animated GIF such as the application of Allo from Google, however, WhatsApp did not do this feature so now users.

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