5 features you don’t know Android you use

Added Google to the Android system a lot of features that are easy to forget about it over the years, one noting here are 5 features useful for all users.

Channels notifications

You can book all notices of any application with the latest versions of Android directly from the Notification Center where it shows the option when you tap and hold on any app notifications.

But what not many know that it can be blocking some notifications and not others, applications designed for Android System 8 and 9, it has “channels” notification, where the notification to the two or more groups, and can disable notifications for each group separately, and channels notifications for any app by going to Settings > Notifications then select the app and then access the notifications where there are groups of notifications that can be disabled.

To improve the battery

Since Android 6 offers within the battery settings what is called the “improved battery”, if you notice that the application of the particular drains the phone battery you can be sure of undergoing the settings to improve the battery to assess its work in the limits of the usage, in turn, if not you get notifications for an app, or you want to make sure sync apps work multi-platform you can choose is not subject to the settings to improve battery.

Scheduling Do Not Disturb

Says a lot of Enable do not disturb manually during sleep, but if you maintain your bedtime certain, you can go to Settings > Sound > Do Not Disturb choose activation Auto , which then will require you to enter the time of activation and deactivation of the water on specific days throughout the week.

Application shortcuts

If your use of an application is concentrated on one section of the main application, such as subscriptions in the YouTube app, since the Android platform 7.1, you can get quick access to sections of particular applications via the shortcuts you add to the network key, all you need is to click and hold on the icon of any application to see the shortcuts that you can drag them to put them in any place to the core network.

Install the applications in the list of participating

If you share content with a specific application, you can install this app within the apps that appear in the interface list to participate; all you have to do is click and hold on the app icon and you with a list of common, then choose “Install” from the pop-up menu.

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