5 games fighting earn more than a million dollars in less than two years

Most fans of fighting games via smart phones find in their phones one of the two games, Fort Knight or PUBG, if not both. These games within the top fighting games income through smart phones, according to one study, the top 5 fighting games achieved revenues of over one billion dollars in less than two years!.

According to the company, sensor tower, Research mobile apps the game Knives Out has made 643 million since its launch in November 2017 and is a game popular in the Chinese market.

In second place came the game Fort Knight according to estimates iOS App Store just where achieved more than $ 630 million, and, thirdly solved the game PUBG revenue miss $ 438 million thanks to the 100 million active players, and then plan to game Garena Free Fire threshold of $ 250 million, and finally the game Rules of Survival approaching 100 million dollars.

And the current period of the year during the first five months of which has made these games the five 476 million, only a third back in the game PUBG, this be have grown their revenue 63% compared to the previous quarter.

It is worth noting that the largest of these games are still not available in one of the most important and largest markets in the world is China, for example, the game Fort Knight may launch there by the end of the year, the game PUBG has become available as the Game for Peace and barely began to achieve profits.

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