5 important things you should consider when establishing team work default

Is no longer a secret to anyone that the popular big that it has the style of working remotely, it is expected that over reliance on virtual teams in companies during the next period; because the set team default will save the company several important features, including: provision of expenses, and strengthening their ability to compete.

I changed the technical tools the new way to perform tasks in companies, where the easy ones tools of communication and cooperation among the members of the task force, and became a team by default, that performs tasks efficiently, as if directed by the company and works in the traditional way, but it came to the ability of virtual teams to achieve better results in some cases.

The importance of choosing the members of the Working Group no new default, we will in the following review the 5 important things must be taken into account when establishing the team:

1 – Select staff have the ability to work independently:

5 أمور مهمة يجب مراعاتها عند تأسيس فريق عمل افتراضي

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When you begin to choose a new employee to a team by default, you have to experience not a practice test to ensure its ability to accomplish work tasks remotely, the speed and efficiency required, as you should also make sure of his ability to work independently; to ensure responsibility and his ability to transcend any difficulties you may encounter.

You can also use the smart tools to determine the extent of the independence of the candidate employee to work in a team by default, for example there is an electronic test provided by the website Psychology Today, a test includes 102 questions, and the candidate can pass his in time of only 15 minutes, and by the results of this test you can identify the extent of the independence of the candidate applicants for the job, as well as the strength of his communication skills, his ability to self-motivation.

2. determine the language of communication, mediation, managing the difference in time zones:

5 أمور مهمة يجب مراعاتها عند تأسيس فريق عمل افتراضي

Gives you evolution of technology now have access to professional staff from all over the world easily, and prepare them to work in a team default, it is administered entirely remotely, and may cause the difference in languages between the members of the group in the incidence of misunderstanding, or errors during work, as well as may cause differences of time zones between the states to which they belong in the difficulty to communicate constantly.

To address these things, make sure you initially determine the language used in the communication, and the language most common to use between team members, as well as would prefer to select a special application to communicate between team members, with the dates fixed for each member, so that the rest of the members aware of this.

3. Use productivity tools to fit team by default:

فرق العمل الافتراضية

It is known that members of any team work by default working in isolation from each other, and often have team members from different countries, so the workflow looks like a collection of random quests, that result from time to time, which makes the team members separate from the big picture goals of the enterprise.

There are a lot of applications, specialized in Project Management, which fit to manage virtual teams, where contains many features that help managers in identifying the major goals, tasks that must be performed to achieve these goals, and are visible to all members of the team work Virtual, on different types of devices, whether desktop computers, or tablet computers, or smart phones, and the manager can the team follow the progress of the implementation of specific tasks to all members, and their progress at any time.

Application example: Slack works to facilitate communication between team members and applications such as: Asana, and Trello offers the possibility to manage all the functions of the remote work easily, and help virtual teams to increase productivity.

Be sure to choose the right tools before the appointment of the members of the team, and make sure their work this tools, to avoid any problems in the communication between them, or a weakness in the level of productivity due to non-arrangement of tasks.

4 – take the necessary measures to secure the data to work consistently:

فرق العمل الافتراضية

On the contrary, teams the traditional be all the computers that they use are present in company headquarters, and there is a section IT is competent to secure the maintenance of these devices, the members of virtual teams doesn’t mean they are at police headquarters, often using their personal devices to accomplish work tasks, and here highlights the challenge of securing business data.

Consists of any team work by default often of the members reside in geographically diverse areas, and have different preferences in terms of places of work practice, where do some travelling, some are working at home, others work in public places as, clubs, or shared workspaces, or other, and of course use Wi-Fi networks in general, some of them will be non-blocking well, making them more porous.

So I prefer to say, members of virtual teams using VPN services to ensure encrypted their connection, thus protecting their devices from hack, as it prefers to make periodic backup copies of critical data, save it to one of the cloud storage services.

5. clarify standards for, and steps to Career Development:

فرق العمل الافتراضية

According to a report issued by Gallup about the way of life and for millennials to 87% of them felt that the Career Development part of their great importance, so we must support the members of the team work Virtual you have sources of useful learning, to help them develop themselves, and acquire new skills.

You should also encourage employees who work remotely, give them rewards when they achieve, any achievement, or a notable improvement in their work after they acquire any new skills, also must have the opportunity to them so that they can upgrade within the enterprise, according to the specific terms and conditions guarantee qualified so.

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