5 information about the system Apple Smart

Launched Apple’s first iPhone in 2007 to break new ground in the world of smartphones, and in 2010 launched the first iPad to become the most famous tablets, in 2015 launched the first generation of her watch smart to become the best in the market.

In 2020, the Apple was going to launch the first smart glasses to him, dealt with leaks several times on behalf of Apple Glass AR, and here sum up the leaks in the 5 information he had uncovered about Acer John Bruce.

Traditional design

You know the Apple from the experiences of other companies that you should not feel the user freely while eating smart glasses, nor should it be heavy and more like a helmet head like augmented reality glasses.

It is said that Apple succeeded in making her glasses look conventional by a large margin, and forms the primary structure of the plastic, but the final product may be added to IT Metal.

Camera LiDAR

You need to smart glasses to the camera to see the surrounding environment and interact with it, and the system Apple uses a camera and a LiDAR in the latest version of the iPad, a camera characteristic capable of measuring the depth of objects that the user sees and recognize the surfaces to be suitable with augmented reality apps.

Due to the risk of infringement of privacy, Apple has chosen not to add the other cameras in the glasses, but it may retreat from it in the final product.

Way to work

Similar to the first generation of the Apple Watch, will not expect the glasses the main task independently, but rely mainly on the iPhone connected, any request the presence of the iPhone in the neighborhood all the time.

This description is consistent with the fact that the glasses do not differ in weight and shape of conventional glasses, but are expected to continue the next versions of the car from the iPhone bit by bit to become a standalone forum.

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Used two lenses in the display of the content (which is processed on the iPhone) on glasses in a new interface called the Starboard, and he says that he can interact with the content made signs and gestures on the air.


It is said that Apple is planning to support prescription lenses that would enable to get them as their price depends on the prescription. At the present time, will not stop the Justice of the solar system, there are difficulties in the operation of the screens on the colored lenses dark.

Availability & pricing

Was planned to know the Apple on the glasses in the fourth quarter of 2020, but the decisions of the United States government for coping with MERS-CoV has been delayed materials to early 2021.

Anyway, it is said that the system of Apple will be available for sale in the second quarter or the Fourth of 2021, to be available at a price of$ 500 in America, without the costs of lenses and medical request.

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