5 information interesting you may not know about Shawty

She founded the Shawnee in 2010, the largest markets are China and India, it has become the largest in the Indian market is superior to Samsung early 2018, before the benefit of Samsung its place recently.

Know Shawty Apple the company or Apple the Chinese, perhaps to distinguish the interface mi (MIUI) and their enjoyment of elegance and politics, which are the qualities of a well-known system iOS custom Apple TV devices, and away from knowledge, here are 5 information interesting you may not know about Shaw:

1) profit margin is only 5% forever.

Ensure to maintain price possible versus value, announced CEO lei Jun in last April that the profit margin of the company will never give a 5% after-tax, for the entire of its products.

2) record the phones early

Download Shawty record for Smartphone sales during the 24 hours; thanks to discount information provided by the festival teachers annual in 2015 has sold exactly 2,112,010 smartphone on its website.

On the same day also sold 38,000 Smart TV, the 770,000 another smart device, and 208,000 people the walls of water to Fitness; the proceeds of this day to 2.08 million yuan, or about 900 million Saudi riyals.

3) company logo

It may seem feeling just a symbol, but upside down it looks identical to the word “heart” in Chinese, doesn’t know this is coincidence or not.

It is estimated that translation of part of “Shao” (Xiao) is the rice little, expression of the proliferation, as part of “mi” (mi), although it was suspected that the test Mobile Internet any Internet mobile devices, hernia of the company that the choose Mission Impossible also, an expression of the first years of hard in the life of the company.

4) official site

Due to the Shao, which is difficult to learn to pronounce it right once you look for on Xiaomi, the company had to change its position to mi.com after buying the exchange for $ 3.6 million of its owner; so when you stop into the old location Xiaomi.com you will be redirected to the new location.

5) mid-odd

Is Shawty of the largest companies that possess the system of integrated environmental, not just smart phones, computers, even light bulbs smart cleaners smart and streaming services shoes smart and an electric scooter.

This is not a product peculiar for the purchase of technology, but if they sell ovens to the nature of rice, an electric toothbrush, bags, pillows, travel, pens and normal may use it on Apple company.

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