5 information you may not know about Galaxy S10

Samsung unveiled series Galaxy S10 yesterday, but there are some details that I didn’t remember her or twice on other without a to speak about:

1) gift pre-order for Galaxy +S10

Samsung offers valuable gifts for doing the pre-order on the Galaxy +S10, knowing that the gifts vary in value depending on the capacity of the device according to the state, for example, you can get hours Galaxy Watch in the UAE or headset Galaxy been in Saudi Arabia.

Also there are gifts game of free including Get the look of K-pop; similar to Galaxy Note 9, requires that download the game free from the Samsung apps store and to complete some tasks, like running 3 games at least.

2) wireless charging at the same speed as wired charging

Maybe maligned on the Samsung not to upgrade the wired charging fast for years, as still phones Galaxy S10 enjoy quick-charge at 15 watts, while the speed of competitors to 40 to 50 watts, but the positive side is that devices Galaxy S10 supports one of the fastest techniques for wireless charging, at 15 watts also.

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3) wireless charging reverse limited

You can activate the wireless charging feature reverse directly from the quick settings as “Wireless PowerShare”, but it looks like that feature will not operate if the battery of Galaxy S10 is less than 30%.

4) option to customize button Bixby

There’s a strange choice to some extent, to customize button and Baker, where you can use it to launch the application Google, but remains double-clicking or prolonged on a button to ask your assistant to Baker.

5) prints the screen may not work with the protector and the screen

Samsung intends on the technique of sound waves in the fingerprint reader screen for the speed and accuracy of response is higher, but might be considered the work of the garrison of the screen made of glass, according to Samsung will give the reader insight naturally with those made of plastic, the company seems to cooperate with manufacturers of accessories to provide a protector of a different screen.

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