5 information you’d be surprised about the company Shao Chinese

5 information you’d be surprised about the company Shao Chinese

The company was founded Shao Chinese in 2010, thanks to its successful policy was able to fit adults in the world of smart phones, so it’s completed in 2017 in fourth place, behind Samsung and Apple, Huawei, racing companies are the most selling smart phones around the world.

Some may wish to call on the company Shao my name (Apple company), given the similarity of the form of its smart phones with the apparatus of the faith on the one hand, and his duty to his MIUI you provide on its phones with a system of any OS from Apple .

If you’re a fan of Shawty or even who do not accept her work, there are five strange facts about the company you will probably hear about it for the first time ever .

5 information you’d be surprised about the company Shao Chinese

Shawty have a record in Guinness

In 2015, the company achieved a Shaw digital new world in the Guinness Book for selling more smart phones on a single platform over 24 hours.

The company provided various discounts during the festival, fans of the annual has sold exactly 2112010 unit on its website.

In addition to smartphones, the company sold Shawty on the same day 770, 000 to a smart device, and 247, the 000 device charging energy, and 208, 000 to a fitness tracker, and 38, 000 a smart TV.

Shaw decided not to exceed the earnings of its organs 5%

Announced CEO Shao, lei Jun, last April, that the company will permanently profit margin from hardware sales to a maximum of five percent after tax, and applies to products assortment Shawty a whole, starting with smart phones and even trendy products.

So feature phones Shawty its victory is clear many of its sales .

Shawty paid 3.6 million dollars for the purchase of a domain name

The company bought Shaw domain mi.com compared to $ 3.6 million in 2014, to replace Xiaomi.com as its official.

The company conducted the process of purchasing the expensive ones, because they wanted to expand in markets outside China, where people face difficulty in speaking and search for Xiaomi.

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The meaning of Lugo Shao the mysterious

The logo of the company Shao or company logo to the official is interpreted by more than the meaning, the logo contains two letters in English are M and I read MI.

One interpretation of the logo is the Mobile Internet there is also another explanation is mission impossible or Mission Impossible.

Shawnee produced some setups strange, too.

Buy the Shawty is mostly to smartphones with a high value, however, the company has a lot of products most of which may surprise you already .

The company produces fitness devices, drones, smart light bulbs, vacuum cleaners, mechanism, and charging the electricity, in addition to the security cameras and broadcast media and even jogging shoes smart.

In addition to the above the company manufactures resources rice, Electric toothbrushes, pillows, travel bags, and mattresses, and also pens regular writing.

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