5 innovative startups working to change the way we travel by

With the presence of smart phones at our reach and networks (Wi-Fi) all around us, it travel has become easier than ever before. But this does not mean that there is no room for improvement.

And for this improvement, I subscribed to British Airways with the (mid-founders) Founders Forum in the hosting Pitch on a Plane, a competition for startups that build solutions or services, innovative technology has the ability to bring about a revolution in the field of travel.

And network Founders Forum among digital entrepreneurs, senior corporate executives, and investors, who participate in the open discussion, were a Sparrow my mind, discuss and solve problems, in the middle of as support all over the world.

Among all the applicants, selected 12 of their report to a panel of judges at the headquarters of British Airways in London, and then chose five of them to move to the semi-finals. In the final round, you will choose the wise innovations of the five real-time during the transition from San Francisco to London for the finals, using Wi-Fi networks existing on the plane.

Today we present to you the innovations of the Emerging Companies of the five competing in the final contest Pitch on a Plane:

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Service aims to Pruvo to save money even after you book a room at the hotel. You can send e-mail your reservation to Pruvo, which will take place after that custom search in all booking sites worldwide main and if the reservation price specified has been reduced. In the case of found Pruvo booking price cheaper, they will send you a notice of cancellation of your booking, then re booking at a cheaper price. It should be noted that this service work only with reservations that have cancellation policies free.

5 innovative startups working to change the way we travel


Connects the application Tribd travelers who are looking for experiences Sports The Adventure. The app is intended to help you find “your tribe” (hence the name) before you travel so you can plan a trip with, or communicate before the trip, and at the final destination.

Is available the application Tribd on the system iOS, which is data Facebook to log in, it shows potential travelers who have plans and interests fit with your interests, you will be shown a degree of compatibility.


If Pluto insurance application declared for those who hate insurance, which is marketed primarily to young travelers. The application of policies customized for each traveler separately and allows you to create a custom car in less than 3 minutes – with instant changes in price based on what you choose. Furthermore, with every car it sells, the app donates £ 1 to charity reduce the negative impact of tourism on the environment and local communities.

5 innovative startups working to change the way we travel

Reynolds Aero

If REYNOLDS is the office and factory for the manufacture of gas turbines for vehicles and unmanned aerial. The first product is R500: engine jet capacity of 50 kg for fixed wing aircraft with the support of 100 kg as the maximum takeoff weight, in addition to the pads of the arbitration. Aims R500 to increase the period of minor repairs to the drones for more than 300 hours and reduced fuel consumption compared with other engines of small size.

5 innovative startups working to change the way we travel

Winding Tree

Working Winding Tree as an ecosystem distribution of open-source inventory of hotels, airlines, using the technique book series. Given that the current travel is confined to a few major booking sites, namely: Expedias, and Booking.com, which makes it difficult for new companies to break into the market, the Winding Tree is built under the decentralized allows companies to manage their distribution directly (thus avoiding intermediaries), as well as control their data, keep the overview in real-time bookings and availability of inventory.

5 innovative startups working to change the way we travel


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