5 lessons in marketing on the social networks of Kylie Jenner

Approaching Kylie Jenner to be the youngest billionaire and self-made by Forbes, is superior to Mark Zuckerberg and a number of other characters famous.

With more than 250 million of the follow-up to social media wealth of $ 900 million, does not deny that Kylie Jenner has mastered the art of marketing on social networks to promote their popularity and promotion of cosmetic products. By doing so, benefited from its brand profile directly to the trade and consumer to create engaging content and distribute it effectively across channels of new media.

For those who aspire to be like Kyle and expanding their presence for the brand and social media, here are five lessons for marketers on the social networks to learn from its Empire.

  • Know your audience

As impressive global and the youngest member of one of the families most famous, is Kyle marketer professional in the field of cosmetology and makeup.

I’ve benefited from the demographic characteristics of the groups that follow fashion and beauty on social networks and through new media.

That’s why she’s talking to her audience like she’s talking with her friends and family is what helped her to penetrate the market industry and an important place in the Council.

Focus Kyle on the three platforms social mainly it Instagram in addition to YouTube as well as snapchat, first the possibility of the discovery brand, and the second to label recommendations, the second to document the experiences of shopping.

For Kyle, focus on these channels with its brand and its strategy for sales to take a comprehensive approach to implement social media, to make sure they increase the access of its audience to the maximum.

This means that you understand your target audience and create a strategy related to your accounts on social networks, and get better results.

  • Promote your products

The strength of the brand KylieCosmetics is that its followers on social networks are the real teachers. They want to know all the stories of her everyday and what do you do steps and decisions of the diary with her little baby and her family.

For every three or four images on Instagram that highlight her personal life, they include a photo products company that also receive a great deal of likes and comments.

On snapchat show their adherents all aspects of the behind-the-scenes production KylieCosmetics with trips to the factory, tell her fans when the set begins to come and promote the sales of products with selfies.

What we get here is confused on the content of the personal and special for your brand, will go up in buying your products.

Think strategically about your content and the number of posts that you create are of a personal nature and the number of publications promoter for your business.

  • Ignore the false and offensive comments

With comments snoopers on the content of the meeting, to show Kyle that you have to give up the negative press and focus on your vision and your dream. With sales of $ 630 million since its launch in 2016, the data can numbers and silence the haters. And ignore the negative, it can focus on providing the community who adores its exclusive access to its stores pop-up and their appearance, as they establish a link with a Private teacher when they are received, and publish their content across social media channels.

You will encounter all the problems of your business many obstacles, this requires you to continue to believe in your work and deal with any risks right. Listen to comments from the community to improve the product and your content, but remember to reward your community who wants you to succeed with offers and experiences.

In general, it is best to continue to post the content rather than let the market and kill your passion, where you’ll always find negative comments from followers and readers and you have to rely on improving your products.

  • Enter into a partnership with influencers

Enjoy your Kyle already built-in network of influencers, which includes her mother and Chris and her sisters Kim and Courtney and the rest of the names are close.

With the launch of the All spark, there is a campaign of large scale digital with YouTube videos and social media posts, knowing that all members of the family Kardashian have their accounts active, watched by millions of followers around the world.

Working in partnership with many youtube channels famous in the field of fashion and beauty to work on posting videos with suggestions on makeup and beauty with the use of tools and products marketed.

It is understood that companies and brands are trending increasingly towards reliance on influencers and work with them, especially as it increases sales significantly and fast, too.

This means that you need to find influencers in your field and target market and to enter with them in a partnership for marketing of your product or your services. You can find influencers in a variety of ways. These include: work with agencies, stakeholders, and the use of applications and services that connect brands to influencers, searches on Google and the search engines to find influencers relevant to your field and then communicate by e-mail or direct messages on social channels to start a partnership.

  • Use content for education

Whether the story snapchat or lesson on YouTube, used Kyle’s video social media to educate their community. You know through the videos you post on YouTube how to use their products and take advantage of it the right way.

Through those sections, its constituents must learn and follow to create a similar appearance. Contains instructional videos of your products and make-up on YouTube for a million views, which shows the interest of community by learning how to re-design their look and find new tricks for makeup.


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