5 mistakes you should stop doing it at the expense of LinkedIn

Uses many social media platforms in ways that may harm their personal life, professional also, this applies to the platform (LinkedIn) LinkedIn is that the network intends to continue a career in the foundation, where like most decision makers, executives spend their time.

Think LinkedIn the largest professional network in the world, but despite the organization’s goal to help people build relationships to enhance their careers, but a lot of them use them in the wrong ways.

The following are the 5 Mistakes You must stop doing it at the expense of LinkedIn:

1. Avoid comments are appropriate:

Evolved LinkedIn to become the channel’s most influential content marketing, with more than 600 million members, and the percentage of users active per month for more than 48%, and as a professional home the most prevalent, they attract a lot of entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals who are looking to build their network and increase their influence.

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Many suffer from content publishers on LinkedIn from some comments that some anger or resentment, or criticism of the personal author or the publisher of the article, and often reflected the kind of comments negatively on the person who’s doing it, especially when his account tied to a company.

It’s easy to forget what we publish on LinkedIn, but you must remember that anything you do on the product that can become part of your record is important, it may also be a reflection of the Slip-On You. I don’t mind the expression of your opinions from time to time, but must do so in a diplomatic manner, free from recrimination.

2. increase the connection requests default:

Turn a lot of users of LinkedIn to send hundreds of requests to connect to the default in order to expand their network, and this is something that has come back negative effect. Because if you receive a large number of responses to requests for your contact with (I don’t know this person) “I don’t know this person, you may be restricting your account, which requires you to then get the email address for each person you want to contact him, this would of course impact on your ability to communicate with new people, and expand your Network.

2 – cross selling messages to LinkedIn:

As is the number of annoying messages you receive on LinkedIn lately?

There is a common tactic in these days of some people to increase the sales, where some people write a note in the invite a contact, once you accept the invitation one finds a presentation to sell a product or service sales pitch, no doubt that this way you may lose your credibility with potential customers.

Despite the fact that you try to sell to people who don’t know you may succeed in some cases, but in many cases they come back with negative results such as: the ban, or report them as spam.

4 – the reference to the people in your publications for the purpose of non-proliferation:

Is writing an essay on influential persons – or post a question to someone you know in the comments – a smart strategy to build awareness and dialogue, but some on LinkedIn are trying to get the problems a lot of publications by reference to tagging a lot of famous people, the influencers, and that’s as much of a positive side, it also has a negative side.

May lead the signal to a lot of people who are not related to their content to reduce the value of your content, and the effect on your credibility negatively have other readers. This may cause inconvenience to these persons also, and of course they can cancel signal, and ban your account.

5. Ask your followers on other platforms:

Don’t publish many of the users of the LinkedIn social media platform is most prevalent, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and asking them following your on any of these platforms is a waste of time. If you want them to follow you on other platforms, look for them in those platforms and interact with them there.

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