5 myths about the iPhone, in which I believe even in 2019

Despite the fact that in recent years more and more users switching from iOS to Android, the iPhone still remains the most popular smartphone in the world. However, this status did not save it from fouling all sorts of rumors and legends about allegedly proper usage, which if not cause apparatus damage, then at least do not bring any benefit. Talk about the most popular myths about the iPhone, which many believe even in 2019.

At the writing of this article, I decided after a meeting with a longtime friend who, being a man well versed in the art and have long been using the iPhone, suddenly stunned me that began to unload from memory your machine before running the application. My question about the reasons of this useless action, he replied that he extends the autonomy of your iPhone.

The contents

Unloading of applications extends the autonomy of the iPhone

No, no and no again. Unlike Android, where a large number of applications in the background can really affect the working time of the smartphone, iOS is engineered quite differently. Thanks to the efficient work of the operating system usage of the battery apps that are running in the background, is not greater than if these applications were not there. Moreover, unloading programs from memory, you even spend more energy than if you allow them to remain in the background.

Delete photos iPhone speeds

The fact that Apple made reservations for iOS several gigabytes in the storage of your iPhone, which is more than enough for stable work of the operating system. So even if you delete from your phone all photos, videos, apps, it won’t work faster. Another thing is that the next update may require a small amount of disk space. This is the only case where deleting unwanted files can be useful.

On iPhone need to clear the cache

Another popular misconception, which forces users to look for a special app to clean the cache. Yes, indeed, apps for iOS in the process may cache certain data. Most often this involved the social networking clients and instant messengers that preserve the memory in photos and videos that you share with your interlocutors. These data do not slow down the iPhone, and only allow you to view them even in offline mode.

the iPhone can not charge from an iPad adapter

Even if your iPhone does not support fast charging, using a more powerful charger will not cause him any harm. The fact that Apple is equipping their devices with special controllers that do not allow them to charge faster than allow their batteries.

Apps help extend the autonomy

Surely you are not just faced with applications such as Battery Saver that promise to optimize the performance of your iPhone and thus increase its battery life. Of course, all this is nonsense. iOS is designed so that no third party application is not able to get into his file system, for there is something to optimize. And, judging by how well iOS 12, nothing further to improve, especially with the help of third-party developers, you don’t need.

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