5 new techniques to help you to success auto accidents

Showed the reports of the World Health Organization estimates that more than 1.2 million deaths occur due to car accidents around the world each year, about a death every 25 seconds.

It also affirms a new study conducted by the American Institute of safety Highway (IIHS) that some of the simple techniques that are included in the automotive systems can reduce collisions by 21% at least annually.

This is what drives the automobile manufacturing companies to increase the insurance policies and new, with modern developments in technology, cars have become smarter, become the competition between the companies lies in offering the safest car, which would help the passenger in the stars during the incidents.

So when buying a new car, you must have some questions about safety such as: is it safe for the driver and passengers in? Do airbags really effective in the case give the car? What do you offer the car to prevent potential accidents?

In addition; you must be car owners concerned about the multiple-collision effect (MICs), where the ratio of 25% to 40% of all car accidents are not be as a result of the collision of just one, but as a result of several collisions at the same time, the most common is the back design that produces typically the occurrence of a collision of one or more other, there are many other situations that can occur in this type.

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Can classify the types of design for the driver and passengers into three types:

  • Design first: occurs when the collision of the car with the external body, which is the collision light; the effect of the larger be on the outer body.
  • Design II: occurs after the first type, it may happen as a result of braking is strong, or collisions from the rear, it is caused in collision of the passenger internal parts of the car, or the fragments inside their car.
  • Design II: occurs after the design of the second, it may happen as a result of overturning of the vehicle, which is strongest where the line up the passenger’s body with the inner wall of the car.

Revealed study the data of the design conducted by the company ProBiomechanics 2018, that collisions binary impact representing 20% of all collisions, as well as 30% of all incidents of severe injuries, while collisions of the second ratio is only 5% of all accidents, but 13% of them lead to serious injuries.

So if you are planning to buy a new car, you should review the new technologies found in cars now, which will help you on the success of the second design.

The following are some of the techniques that offer extra protection in several types of design:

1 – A / C smarter:

5 تقنيات جديدة تساعدك على النجاة من حوادث السيارات

One of the problems that you may meet her; is that console in the airbag (ACM) in your car can be affected by the type of design the second that happens literally in the blink of an eye, this may cause the opening of the airbags early, or late, or not opening them at all.

Fortunately, I realized the company (Hyundai) Hyundai this problem, designed the first system airbags work when the design of the multi Multi-Collision Airbag System in the world, so that they run faster when they are not safety systems, primary effective, which provides extra security when drivers and passengers more vulnerable.

Once a collision occurs, say the new technique calculates the strength of the collision, and determine the angle at which it happened; the detection subject of the passenger in the cabin after the first collision, thereby inflating the air bags more quickly when you are not safety systems, primary effective, which improves the safety of passengers during the design of the multi.

Hyundai began in the application of this technique on the policies launched by newly, as well as started a company (Kia) in their application of their policies.

2 – automatic braking system after the collision:

مظام المكابح التلقائي

Focus most of the driver assistance technologies on those seconds before the occurrence of any collision, but what about the few seconds that loses its driver the ability to control the car after the collision?

The odds of a collision the car of the cell is higher than you think, this design leads to a drift is possible, the collision with other cars and objects. This is the reason behind the leadership of major car manufacturing companies such as: (Volkswagen) Volkswagen, and(Ford) Ford, in collaboration with the company Continental, to develop the technique of automatic brake after design Post Crash Braking.

This technique works by sensors to determine the force of the collision, by making sure the driver lost control of the car, and them badly, consequently you run the system brakes automatically after a collision, so that the car stops on the rotor, and avoids the occurrence of a second accident is possible.

3 – techniques to prepare for accidents:

Know car Volvo XC90 as the safest cars, this is not a surprise due to the support of its many safety features, especially the brake system of the emergency automated.

Supports car (Volvo XC90) brake system automated Autonomous Emergency Braking, which is called by pressing on the brake automatically when you are on the verge of collision with the vehicle existing in front of you, where it helps in the transfer of collision energy to the car instead of your neck, reducing the chance of collision high. This technology is part of the latest support system designed by Volvo to help drivers avoid accidents multiple stages.

It also has a system (development distance) Distance Alert, which helps the driver maintain a safe distance between his car and the vehicle existing in front of him to avoid a collision, and provide this functionality in vehicles equipped with screen, Head-Up.

4. the adaptive cruise control:

Helps you (adaptive cruise control) Adaptive Cruise Control; to maintain an appropriate distance between you and the vehicle front end at all speeds, even up to 200 km/ h, which provides you the driving experience more relaxed, reduces fatigue for the driver in the positions of leadership, hard work, and of the leading auto supporting system Volvo Cars.

You only need to select the desired speed, and the distance between you and the car in front, and when he discovers Sensor Radar the presence of a slower car in the foreground, adapt speed automatically with this car, and when there are no obstructions in the road can control the speed limit.

5 – commitment system outside traffic:

The Ford Motor Company developed a new system called (obligation to outside traffic) Lane keeping system, which consists of a camera it scans fast and continuous lane of traffic during the movement of the car, and then transfer images to the processor alerting you to evaluate the status of the car, through the sending of warnings in the message center when it detects deviations during driving.

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