5 part time jobs you can do online in the 2020

There are many companies in recent years to adopt a style of working remotely, so much so that there are companies that have become fully dependent on the staff working remotely both jobs full-time, or part time, have started this trend in proliferation; due to the expense of the many, as the cost of recruiting staff to work remotely would be much less than the cost of recruiting staff to work at the company’s headquarters.

Refer a lot of reports that remote working will work within the offices fixed by the year 2025, where the growth of remote work increased by 159% since 2005, and leads the development of the techniques of cloud computing to the expansion of the phenomenon of remote work is the biggest, where they allow companies and business opportunities in communication and collaboration as if they were present under one roof.

There are some jobs that can be done easily from home, such as: customer service jobs, information technology, but recently there have been other jobs for people who are looking for flexible work in non-traditional areas.

Here are 5 part time jobs you can do online from home in the year 2020:

1 – Associate Director Sales Operations Sales Funnel Manager:

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Depends (distance selling operations) Sales Funnel one of the fundamental concepts in the areas of sales and marketing, where it’s easy to track the sales process starting from generating the largest possible number of potential customers and even turn them into customers and earn their loyalty. Perhaps the biggest change in the (distance selling operations) over the past twenty years is the availability of data and facilitate their use, and utilize them more effectively, working the insights data to change how to take the sales teams and marketing decisions.

You receive the Task Manager Area Sales Operations Sales Funnel Manager in: re-evaluate the strategy space of the building from time to time, and continually improved to increase the proportion of sales, it has become easy to do from home thanks to the availability of techniques and tools that facilitate the process of data collection and analysis, and follow customers online, such as: platform GetResponse, tools, sales forecasting, andcustomer relationship management systems CRM Systems.

Use the process of creating a Sales Funnel in an average of about 10 hours, and the average yield physical to $ 48 per hour; according to the UpWork.

2. the director of the YouTube channel YouTube Channel Manager:

Owners need commercial, service, artists, makers and content specialists to manage their channels on YouTube, the functions of the director of the YouTube channel in the mode line for the production and dissemination of videos, adjust channel settings, and the order of their appearance in the search engine results, and search results within YouTube to reach target audience and achieve a high participation rate.

The average yield of the physical function of the city YouTube channel about $ 25 per hour according to the UpWork.

3 – info the sound of my Voice Over:

If you have a raw distinctive sound of it you can earn money through this talent, where industry has grown audio commentary a lot during the last period, where you can now audio commentary on the ads, or to provide radio ads, or video recording of the documentary, or comment on the videos, or recording audio books, and more, because the world has become digitally, has increased the demand for vocal talent.

It used to work in the field of audio commentary requires work in the recording studios of the big, but today the technology changed that. Now I have most of the teachers phonetic small studio of their own, they can register a business from their homes.

You can also subscribe to many sites such as: upwork, andfiver, andsoundeals to showcase your services in a professional manner.

Might up the average material yield function info sound about $ 16 per hour according to the UpWork.

4. the administrator employed a default Virtual Recruiter:

I started many companies increasingly rely on employees who work remotely to complete work tasks, and as a result appeared what is known as virtual teams Virtual Teams, it has helped in the emergence of the post of Administrator virtual job Virtual Recruiter.

Achieved recruiter of the default responsibilities and goals the same as its traditional counterpart in this area; as if his main goal is to assist employers in recruiting the best talent, but the fundamental difference here is that they will work from home instead of working in the office.

The task of this job is in: write a job description clearly and publish it on the internet, and potential candidates, and schedule interviews online, and assist in any other tasks related to recruitment.

Might up the average return material for a job the employer will default to about $ 15 per hour according to the UpWork.

5 – graphic designer Graphic Designer:

The company seeks always to search for specialized talent in design can be their creativity in everything, both the design of web pages, or designing interfaces, applications and programs, or brochures of different organizations. You can now do this job from home due to the availability of tools and sites that help with that.

The average yield of material for graphic designers, among 5 to $ 85 per hour depending on the project we have before US, according to UpWork.

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