5 points are characterized by service Microsoft Azure services Amazon AWS

Many reports indicate the opinions of industry analysts that the cloud computing is considered one of the most important technology trends that will shape the technology sector in the year 2019, where it has been developed rapidly and entered into many areas, has also started several companies and websites to utilize in its work to gain competitive advantage in the market without wasting a lot of money.

For companies that are looking to convert their work to cloud computing, the comparison among the myriad of options considered a very daunting task. Although the market currently has many of cloud service providers, but most companies will find itself in the end in front of the comparison between the service Azure Azure offered by Microsoft, the service Amazon Web Services AWS offered by the giant e-commerce Amazon.

Firm acquires Microsoft and Amazon with a share representing 49% of the cloud computing market, where you can take the service of AWS to the proportion of 32% while using the Windows Azure service at the rate of 17%.

Service was AWS dominates the market from 2002 to 2009, then Microsoft entered the competition in 2010 to meet growing where able to achieve a growth rate of 76% on an annual basis compared to 46% services AWS.

In the following 5 points are characterized by service Microsoft Azure services Amazon AWS cloud:

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1 – hybrid cloud Hybrid Cloud

If your company is emerging and transition to rely on the services of cloud computing, of course, you will have legacy apps still depend on it, and move everything to the cloud once is not a practical option for most companies due to the restrictions of tariffs and installation, because it is possible to encounter some applications difficulty in integration with the new system.

These are the realities faced by many of the specialists in information technology for companies in this case, the hybrid cloud service Azure to focus between more than one model of cloud computing models are an ideal option.

And hybrid cloud Hybrid Cloud is about connecting two or more models of cloud computing – the public Cloud, or private Cloud, or Community Cloud – so as to keep each service is completely independent and at the same time allows the exchange of data or applications between them, for example: in this model, companies maintain their data in data center of its own, but using the public cloud to run some of the applications of the gas account.

Microsoft has made the hybrid cloud model smooth depend on companies to meet their needs, has contributed this model to be a leading company in the field of hybrid cloud. Certainly the Amazons don’t ignore it, but this point feature in Microsoft brilliantly.

2 – integration with Microsoft products

If your company is already working on servers like: Windows Server, SQL Server, Exchange and Active Directory and other Microsoft products essential to serve the important aspects of your business, it is better to rely on the service to Azure because of the ease of integration with these products.

The number of most of these services will integrate well with the service of Amazon AWS, but Microsoft has built the experience chain integration between its products and its service Azure.

3 – the user interface is easy to use

Once you have logged in to the AWS service and start to browse the models within a few seconds you will ask yourself what you want, and what is appropriate for your business more.

Also causes product catalog Amazon catalog view shows the service in spamming the new user in a state of confusion, therefore it may be difficult to determine what is offered by Amazon, not to mention the difficulty of finding the product even if you know it, as it takes time to learn to set the term of the AWS service terms that the term of Amazon’s vague to make products such as S3 وElasticache and Redshift وKinesis وGlacier looks as entities completely alien.

In contrast, the Azure Service are considered more easy to handle and identify their different characteristics, saving you a lot of time that you will be assigned to.

4. the delivery model PaaS

Provides Microsoft Azure model carries the name of the product as a service PaaS an acronym for Platform as a Service – which provides a lot of advantages so that companies and institutions that used this model only to the development and the installation and management of their applications and their data, while providers of cloud management everything else including operating system software and middleware.

The model clearly reduces the overall cost of Total Cost of Ownership TCO, so that the model PaaS helps in the development, testing and deployment of applications in a logical manner and cost-effective it can enhance the productivity of developers and in the end of the period of market entry Time-To-Market is the time it takes starting from the perception of the product and even be available for sale.

Excel Microsoft in particular in the model PaaS. Where applications allow Azure Web developers to launch a web environment supports a range of languages out of range (ASP.NET and Node.js and PHP and Java and Ruby and Python).

Provide Apps Azure phones develop all infrastructure, applications iOS, iOS and Android your Android, adding features such as syncing in the offline mode, push notifications and automatic high availability.

Functions Azure are the functions of the background without a server or the services of Mini are operated by an external service such as Azure Service Bus.

5. avoid locking the seller Avoid Vendor Lock-in

It is not strange to become the cloud hybrid cloud Multi-Cloud of the most important directions of the company that is moving towards data structure is modern, according to a survey conducted by the enterprise 451 Research , 69% of companies are moving to rely on cloud environments multiple information technology by the year 2019, where it is proved that cloud applications original that are present across multiple servers instead of dedicated servers specific to increase the efficiency of server utilization with reduced overhead costs associated with our data centers traditional.

Provide cloud environments Multi-cloud a variety of key advantages to businesses and avoid insurance the seller Avoid Vendor Lock-in one of these advantages. The event insurance seller, or securing ownership of Proprietary lock-in, when the customer becomes dependent on a single vendor for products and services. Whether the seller imposes restrictions directly or because of a dependency complex technique can not be undone, it is the risk that the breeding of any enterprise’s future success with one, because companies build their applications on providers of public cloud services has become to avoid the insurance, the seller is more prevalent and one of the leading advantages offered by cloud services.

You can rely on the cloud to multi-to improve the reliability of the through succeed to stop the service because of the give servers the materials or the DDoS attack. That gives the Department of Information Technology influence and more options to run operations that are more cost-effective as well as take advantage of important features of existing suppliers of services to the zipper separated.

The flexibility in the transfer of your applications and data seamlessly between public and private services and local services do not prevent your only exit strategy, but they also provide you multiple options while your company’s growth.

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