5 reasons companies for telecommuting

Headed many companies in recent times to adopt a method of working remotely, so much so that there are companies that have become fully dependent on the staff working remotely, the most striking example of this is the company GitLab where 500 employees from 50 countries around the world, all working remotely, there are no headquarters, no.

Of course, you have to hire staff to work remotely, will have several benefits for you; and most importantly reduce operating costs, reduce the burden on the Department of human resources, and other benefits.

The following are the 5 main reasons why you change in the experience of telecommuting at your company:

1. reduce overhead:

5 أسباب تدفع الشركات لاتباع أسلوب العمل عن بعد

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When an entrepreneur creates a company, the first consists in finding the main office as the company, then the processing of this article, the appointment of staff to work out, and when the scope of work of the company they begin at the opening of the headquarters of the new in other places, processing these headquarters to accommodate new staff.

As in the case of adoption of telecommuting, and start creating teams virtual business, it will save the expense of buying or leasing the headquarters of the new when you wish to stop, as well as provision of the expenses of processing, forming, those, in addition to providing allowances to transition staff, and other related expenses.

2 – keep abreast of new trends:

5 أسباب تدفع الشركات لاتباع أسلوب العمل عن بعد

With the development of cloud computing and its various applications, he began to direct the action remotely in the deployment, and gain great popularity, especially in companies operating the areas of technical.

Says Jonathan Siddharth, CEO of Turing: “the recruitment system of the old is no longer valid in the present time, our company the former Rover was going to do, if you don’t rely on telecommuting to work teams, where it was impossible to recruit local staff have a high level of skill, because most of them working in major Silicon Valley companies, such as: Google, Facebook, they, Of course, they wouldn’t leave these companies to join our team”

He says: “We are relying on telecommuting, and we looked outside Silicon Valley, and we succeeded in recruiting talented employees, help us in the development of our application in record time, with a budget of reasonable, has been ranked the Apple TV this app on that one of the best apps on the store.”

The future of recruitment is heading clearly towards greater reliance on virtual teams, working remotely, which has become one of the most important modern trends; to improve the efficiency of human resources, so companies must pay attention so, follow the latest tools that support this expansion.

3 – greater opportunities for efficiency:

The appointment of qualified staff, it is considered the most important factors that contribute to the success of the company; because they are characterized by the ability of their high productivity, while maintaining quality, according to the company Mackenzie; the software developers with high efficiency and be their productive capacity higher by 800%, for developers at an intermediate level.

Therefore not recommended the appointment of staff with low-level, or average, especially in key positions, which serve as the backbone of the company, hence the importance of the trend towards reliance on virtual teams, the style of the work remotely, is a key solution for the transfer of competencies in the local labor market.

4 – increase the efficiency of the recruitment process:

It is known that the traditional recruiting process takes a lot of time, as that recruiting high-calibre takes longer, due to the need to hold a lot of job interviews over the course of several days, or weeks, to select candidates, conduct more tests to them, to make sure they’re appropriate for the job.

In the case of employment in a remote work the situation is different, providing online communication tools save a lot of time devoted to the different stages of the recruitment process.

Companies can choose a lot of time by holding video interviews online with the candidates for the job, in addition to the easily found on the earlier of their actions, send tasks and tests them, and evaluate results to choose the right candidate.

5. strengthening competitiveness:

With the rapid developments of the business world, the provision of expenditure, and efficiency were considered two of the most important factors in the success of the company against, and to maintain a high growth rate.

As we mentioned before, telecommuting helps companies save expenses, with increased opportunities for efficiency, and thus enhance the ability of those companies to compete.

Therefore, companies that will start now in adopting this method, and embedding it within the strategies of recruitment, and the use of appropriate tools to manage teams, remote work, you will have a strong competitive advantage, compared to other companies, which rely on the traditional method at work.

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