5 reasons to indicate that Google Play and App Store provides a secure fake your data

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5 أسباب تدل على أن جوجل بلاي وآب ستور يوفران أمانا مزيفا لبياناتك

Recognize all of the increase of data breaches in the recent period, the implementation of the regulations on the protection of data GDPR , and the growing lack of confidence in how companies deal with personal data of customers, one of the most important reasons to increase the awareness of the importance of data protection when users and businesses alike.

As a result, people take increased action to protect their own data, which leads to a significant increase in the number of searches for apps, privacy apps like virtual private networks (VPN), and a lot of these searches in my Store apps months the Google Play and App Store, where the acronym “VPN” second highest search term does not depend on the brand, got these apps hundreds of millions of downloads recently.

But the irony is unfortunate is that some of the investigations of the last Security held by the site Top10VPN revealed how the app stores the official fails to secure its users by hosting the application with security holes, and privacy policies unclear, developers undercover agents who have links that are not reliable.

The following are five reasons behind the submission of this official store safer way fake when it comes to protecting your data:

1 – lack of attention to past privacy

5 أسباب تدل على أن جوجل بلاي وآب ستور يوفران أمانا مزيفا لبياناتك

Among the months of the 20 application areas for virtual private networks VPN on my shop Google Play and App Store was 86% of them have privacy policies to protect personal data of users.

As revealed a study conducted by the site Top10VPN to 85% of months 150 application VPN free in the Google Play Store offers permissions permissions or source code source code may cause violations of the privacy of its users, and this will be disturbing enough if we were talking about games or entertainment apps, but in the case of virtual private networks – where users pass all their movements on the internet through servers run by the developer of the application – the results are a disaster in the protection of privacy.

2 – data sharing with third party

5 أسباب تدل على أن جوجل بلاي وآب ستور يوفران أمانا مزيفا لبياناتك

Usually contain virtual private networks ‘ privacy policies to a standard drink, how to keep data safe traffic of the internet users from the registration or surveillance, but some applications that have been investigated, she said explicitly she’s saving this data to China where there is a lot of the companies that own these applications. Worse still, the inability to guess what it could do many of the developers of the applications virtual private networks – who offer policies free of detail – with the browsing data that flows through their servers.

3. do not apply more stringent standards

And speaking of China, six out of ten of these applications continued to buy Chinese because China is famous for to control the internet and censor them have been made recently to take tough action against the operators of virtual private networks local may lead to the violation of users ‘ privacy, it is a must ask question What is the cause of the failure of both the Apple and Google application set more stringent standards for these applications in order to protect its users.

4 – Quality Assurance in the app stores not to the extent required

5 أسباب تدل على أن جوجل بلاي وآب ستور يوفران أمانا مزيفا لبياناتك

Not revealed the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica on how to manage the Facebook data of the users of the personal iPad Apple delete an app, ONAVO Protect is owned by Facebook – acquired Facebook Onavo in 2013, which is about company analysis and protection – specialists in surfing the internet through a virtual private network VPN of stores in its App Store the lack of its compatibility with the rules of privacy.

As for Google it is obvious they do not take action only when forced to do so, for example, deleting the company Google 85 an application from the Google Play Store after you discovered it was a software advertising intrusive work on running ads to put full screen on the devices of Android users, these apps are apps games and apps to broadcast video applications to simulate the remotes, which affected approximately 9 million users of Android in all over the world.

Obviously to ensure quality in the app stores not required where they are leaving thousands of applications possible bad available for free until it meets millions of users and then action is taken.

5. failure to clarify who is the corporate owner of the comments

5 أسباب تدل على أن جوجل بلاي وآب ستور يوفران أمانا مزيفا لبياناتك

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect in the study site Top10VPN on these applications is the extent of the research conducted by the work team to the companies responsible for the development of these applications, as the normal user won’t be able to conduct this research, with the failure of both Apple and Google to clarify this, here we find it appropriate to ask a lot of questions about these companies and what do his statements users and why is not disclosed openly to the users.

Retrieved 5 reasons to indicate that Google Play and App Store provides a secure fake your data

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