5 reasons to make you think about buying a foldable phone

Represent phones collapsible expansion of the most important in the smart phone market for the coming years, where do you think the only solution to offer phones with bigger screens size, especially with the increasing demand for watching video clips, and tasks that require action on the big screens.

By the year 2019; it appeared that flip phones don’t count to be more than a distant dream. However; thanks to innovations made by companies like: Samsung, andHuawei, andMotorola, the phones have become collapsible real.

Samsung made this phone to the public by the second folding (Galaxy Z Flip), which takes the form of a smart phone and a traditional screen flexible folds vertically from the middle, rather than folding of the aspects to become a smartphone and a tablet at the same time, similar to her phone the first Galaxy Fold that I made last year, and throughout the year to fix the flaws of its design.

As Huawei made the second version of the phone by folding under the name (Mate Xs) which will be released later for all markets, and we’re still waiting for the launch of the Microsoft phone its folding Surface Duo running Android during this year.

The following are the 5 reasons for the acquisition of telephone folding:

1. the practical interest and many important:

Whether you want a phone capable of folding such as: Galaxy Fold, or Mate Xs, or a smaller device such as:Galaxy Z Flip, or Motorola RAZR, every design offers two powerful features.

When you get a foldable phone as big as: Galaxy Fold, or Mate the Xs will have a larger screen and more comfortable while watching videos, playing games, reading books or articles or surf the web.

As you can easily split the screen into two or three displaying different types of content while using the applications, as explained by Samsung how to watch a video in YouTube, and chat with friend in WhatsApp, and search for Google Maps in three separate windows using the Galaxy Fold.

5 أسباب تجعلك تفكر في شراء هاتف قابل للطي

5 أسباب تجعلك تفكر في شراء هاتف قابل للطي

For phones collapsible to small size, such as: Galaxy Z Flip it can offer some unique features, Where can work the joint Z Flip as the bearer of the three to install the phone while taking pictures with the camera front or rear.

Provide some of the applications pre-installed in the phone’s new functions when the phone is half-pleated, including: the Google Duo and apply the camera. With the arrival of Android version 11 will find a lot of features built into the operating system the same for these phones.

2 – features multi camera:

Include phones folding many unique features in the mode cameras also, besides the trick tripod mentioned earlier. You can get the advantage of the unconventional design as the Huawei Mate XS; which does not contain a front camera, because the camera front is the same rear camera that shows when you fold the phone, allowing you to use all the cameras key in capturing images of personal in addition to photography normal.

5 أسباب تجعلك تفكر في شراء هاتف قابل للطي

5 أسباب تجعلك تفكر في شراء هاتف قابل للطي

It also features the Galaxy Z Flip rear camera dual lenses you can use them to capture personal images thanks to its screen small external that you can use to adjust the sound.

3 – diversity of use:

Whether you choose a phone, foldable, large or small, you basically doubled the value of the device you put it in your pocket. For devices with large screen this means the ability to take screen sized tablet with you everywhere. Given the phones folding from the middle, does that mean having a smart phone is normal but the size more convenient for your hands or your bag or your pocket.

4 – quick switch between the two screens:

5 أسباب تجعلك تفكر في شراء هاتف قابل للطي

5 أسباب تجعلك تفكر في شراء هاتف قابل للطي

Supports phones folding feature powerful new label (continuity of application) App Continuity, which is part of the (user experience) UX developer specifically for this type of phones, for example: if you read an electronic book or an e-mail on the screen small Foreign you can unlock the device on the main screen will open the app automatically Where You left off.

In phone Motorola RAZR; the transition of the preview screen fast (Quick View) to the preview screen flexible (Flex View) the elder gives you the update of where you are in the particular application.

5 – value:

5 أسباب تجعلك تفكر في شراء هاتف قابل للطي

5 أسباب تجعلك تفكر في شراء هاتف قابل للطي

No one disagrees that the flip phones that were issued in 2020 expensive, where the price is lower phone folding over several hundred dollars for the price of the model similar to the non-collapsible, for example: when the compare Galaxy Z Flip Galaxy S10e in terms of price you’ll find that the Galaxy S10e is the winner but points.

But when compared with the Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate you’ll find that you versus the higher price you will get two devices – a phone and a computer tablet – in one device.

Where Will you buy a tablet average specifications, the smart phone pioneer price is much higher than the phone rollaway, as it will be more space in your bag during the move. In addition there is the difficulty in synchronizing content across multiple devices.

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