5 reasons to start using Google Keep right now

Google Keep is an application for creating notes. But it seems only at first glance. Actually is a real “mediacompany” that is not sickly to make your life easier and give the opportunity to much better manage your free and work time. But its options do not end, so let’s find out why you should right now head over to Google Play and install Google Keep, if you haven’t already.

Google Keep — a very useful tool for self-organization

The contents

Easy to work with Google services

One of the biggest advantages of Keep is its maximum integration with the entire Google ecosystem. This means that if you are sending emails on Gmail, send files via Google Drive and work with Google Docs, you can easily integrate all the elements to Keep without much fuss. Just highlight, say, the date sent via email and automatically create an event in the Keep. And this is only the simplest example of interaction. If you use Google Keep and know some examples of its application, let us know about it in our chat in Telegram.

The ability to easily share notes

All items are located in the Google Keep app, can be shared with other users without having to send through third-party services. Just select a note, picture, schedule, or is that something you want to share, click “Send” and choose the desired user in the contact list.

Create shared notes

In addition, you can send notes to specific users, you can also access the note specific people. And everyone will be able to make your edits and suggestions. The changes are automatically visible to all polzovateley, and the original owner may revoke access at any time.

The transcription of the text with the images

There are many services and programs with the similar functions, but why they are needed, if you can do it all in one place? Simply choose any image with text, load it into Google Keep, and the software will decipher what is written there with the possibility of further editing. It’s perfect for cards whose data can be immediately transferred to the appropriate contacts in the address book.

Built-in voice recorder and reminders

Surely you ever you had a brilliant idea, but you didn’t write it down immediately, and then when you finally have a moment, you realized that he had forgotten all the details? Using Google Keep you can not just create a voice note, but also have the ability to decrypt it in the future. Google Keep automatically converts voice into text that you can edit and save.

Reminders in Google Keep organized no less interesting. In addition to the usual pop UPS and audio signals, you can “ask” Google Keep to send an event notification to email, send a message to the messenger or to a special pop-up window in the browser.

Download: Google Keep

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