5 reasons to use Google Docs


The company provides Google users software Google Docs or Google Docs which is a service available over the internet like writing program “Microsoft Word”, as there are also applications for smartphones, following are know a group of nurses who can pay the user to use Google Docs as follows:

– FREE program.

Is Google Docs free compared with Microsoft, and does not require the user to pay any monthly subscription or yearly unlike if the user wishes to obtain Microsoft Word is the need to pay for a capacity of 15 GB on the storage cloud Google Drive.

– Access

Also users can on Google Docs accessible from anywhere in the world, just by logging in to your account Google will have the ability to access all documents that he created on the Service Google Docs Google Docs, unlike file word existing in one area only, and can be accessed only from one device.

– Quick save

Perhaps one of the main problems of the program “WordPress” from Microsoft is the lack of a save feature automagically for files, which could cause power outages, sometimes the loss of Word files with lots of data, especially in case of not saved before that, but Google Docs allows users to Quick save all the files automatically and fast.

– Search in Google

Allows Google Docs users the ability to search for a specific word or phrase exists within Google Docs without having to open a new tab, which can be searched from within the same page open at the current time.

– Save the file by more than the formula

If the user relies on Google Docs it can converts text files that you work on it more than any, whether any Docx or PDF format to preserve the file format of its own and other fishing other

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