5 replacements for standard application “Weather” for your iPhone

When you turn the calendar, under the feet of the weeping sky, and the forest is cold and the leaves dropped, it becomes extremely important not to miss every moment of the warm sun. And, of course, necessary in the morning leaving the house, to know about the impending evening storm. To test night mode on the new iPhone 11 Pro to spend in beautiful places of the city, and not in bed with pneumonia, we suggest you to consult a selection of the best meteorological apps from the App Store.

The mood of walking and rustling leaves

The contents

Weather Live

For my taste, one of the most beautiful weather apps. On running across the screen cloud you can enjoy forever. Beautiful graphics, translucent cards, a spinning weather vane, a map of the precipitation and track of hurricanes. Informative widget with beautiful clouds. But it all goes into the shadows when it turns out the price issue.

The main screen of the app “Weather Live”

To use the “Weather Live” without annoying ads, the user must pay for 199 rubles every week, 3 days generous the developers give a sample. I think most want to know the weather forecast should look for an alternative. But the app is very beautiful, dammit.

Widget of the app “Weather Live”

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The Weather

Rich app from The Weather Channel, the provider of meteorological information for the standard Apple apps. At first glance a perfectly simple and without any interesting features. But it is necessary to whisk up and you find yourself in a meteorological Paradise. Daily and hourly forecast, information on warm and cold day of the week, sunrise and sunset, pressure, animated precipitation map, the index of activity of mosquitoes (that’s all unique function), the alert of all possible weather surprises and more. With this app on iPhone conversation about the weather can last indefinitely.

The main screen of the application “The Weather”

The first major negative — uninformative and non-configurable widget. Like about it absolutely forgot. Minus the second built-in advertising for the disconnection which the developer wants to 849 per year or 75 rubles per month. Is it worth it? You decide.

App widget “The Weather”

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Yahoo! Weather!

The app is pretty as “Weather Live”, also accompanied by photographs of large cities. The Russian is from Saint Petersburg. Hourly weather forecast and weather conditions for the next 10 days. Map precipitation, temperature, wind. A small ad unit is not evident.

The main screen of the application “Yahoo! Weather!”

Painted clouds widget stands out among the other gray cards. But I’m sure it will appeal to perfectionists.

App widget “Yahoo! Weather!”

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Gismeteo lite

Domestic development from the creators of the popular website gismeteo.ru. The free version of the app you are waiting for a compact but informative hourly (by three hours) and daily forecast for the week. Temperature, precipitation, wind, humidity, pressure everything you need without any surplus.

The main application screen “Gismeteo lite”

Cute and informative widget, of course, is attached.

Widget application “Gismeteo lite”

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“Ya Weather”

Clear winner rating. In “Yandex” managed to create the most beautiful and informative app. Ten-day and hourly forecasts, precipitation map, notifications about changes in the weather.

The main application screen “Ya Weather”

Cute widget with beautiful icons the weather is likely to occupy the top pane of your iPhone.

App widget “Ya Weather”

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Bonus! RANE

For fans of minimalism and original design, this fancy weather app will be a real balm for the soul. You can watch free the weather, humidity and the forecast for tomorrow. Information for today and weekly forecast you can see, paying for a subscription.

The main application screen “RANE”

The annual will cost 69 rubles, 7 days is a free trial period. I advise you to try.

Widget application “RANE”

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Which application to choose?

Standard application “Weather” on the iPhone, in my opinion, is not ideal in functionality and design. But it perfectly fulfills its function and is already pre-installed. And time looking for replacement it is better to take our tape flip in “Yandex.Zen”.

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