5 Secrets of Google Translate instant

If your research always rely on sources of information outside of your local language, here are the top 5 ways to enable you to achieve the maximum benefit from the application of Google to.

Translation without internet

If you do not ensure constant connectivity while traveling, download Google package for Neuro-Linguistic which are known as NMT. This package able to improve the level of the soil and add their work can Photo multi-languages which make the app work automatically on your device without connecting to the internet.

Google Translate nerve translate words in context, i.e., that the translation is of the whole without chopping, which leads to get better results in the education level improved.

In the first time of use the package you will need to connect to the internet to provide download files for your desired language translation, file is not in the size of 45 MB per language.

Just go to the list of languages and press the “Download” button next to the target language translation. Then it will download a file that contains the dictionary terms language and use them later offline.

Distinguish text

Added Google recently technology you download and extract texts from pictures, it helped in the activation of translation of immediate signage of streets and addresses directly from the subject of the text very precisely, especially after the installation of the language pack with download nervous.

Can now select part of the text on the screen of the phone to examine his language carefully by pressing the camera button, until it is scanned during the scanning slide your finger on the text to distinguish it and then tap on the blue arrow at the top right for the upgrade shop. Exit camera mode the application will return to the Home screen for a translator.

Use the microphone conversation.

The longer the conversation mode using the microphone is the fastest in matters of promotions fast, then use the app to start the translation can be a way to open a conversation between the user and another user of a foreigner if it has been activated microphone mode as a default for.

When you press the microphone changes its color to red color and then start the conversation by sending the registration by the first interpreter to the language of the Future II.

Keep your words

In the case of repeating the research process and for a certain number of words or terminology, it is best to use the feature “friction words” in the application of Google to to access them again easily. This is done by pressing on Star icon besides the text the translator will add the item to the list of texts saved.

The use of the dictionary

If we adjust the translation between the same language twice “English to English such as” will be the definition of words and their meaning rather than to translate them into the vocabulary of the other in the other language making the dictionary app is great for synonyms.

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