5 signs that you need to update your Android

Hard to argue with the fact that to update your phone you need regularly. No matter how wonderful was not the operating system, dishonest users will find the various “holes” and vulnerabilities, and new features will greatly simplify your life. Moreover, sometimes new apps just will not run on older versions of the OS. But the upgrade process is not always simple and quick, and users often ignore the new version of Android. However, your phone can literally “screaming” that he needed an update. It’s about these signs today and we’ll talk.

In this article we shall not discuss the advantages or disadvantages of a particular version of Android. We will talk about that can signal you that it’s time to upgrade.

The battery runs down very quickly

Yes, this is not the most objective sign that the system time to update, but various viruses and other malicious software that eats resources through the gaps of security can be a sign that it’s time to upgrade your device.It is possible, you will receive not only new features, but will add a dozen or so minutes to the time of Autonomous work.

The phone is working slowly

There’s a reason for the deterioration may be the same as in the previous paragraph. Also slow down can “hanging” in memory processes. Before you upgrade your OS it is recommended to reset to factory settings. If it helps, the update can be postponed for some time.

Crashing applications

This may be the result of a poorly optimized applications, and lack system resources of the OS. Deleting applications can help solve your problem in the short term, but the delay is not worth it. As updated versions are usually available only for the current versions of OSes.

Warning from Google

We already wrote about what are the services Google Play and why is it useful to have them up to date. Upgrade is crucial to ensure that your smartphone safe. If you have accumulated a lot of uninstalled updates of Google services, it’s time to do it.

App notifications stopped coming

This is usually due to the fact that the actual program may not work properly on older versions of the OS. To avoid this, it is recommended to update not only the program but also the operating system from Google.

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