5 solutions for a safer internet for your kids

5 حلول من أجل إنترنت آمن لأطفالك

The use of the internet for children is imperative, it has become more than this is also where the kids have now smart phones and tablets connected to the internet and they can use it the wrong way cause harm to them. Understanding the volume of harm that can befall them is important, and then take appropriate steps to protect them from those risks.

The reports include existing online to know a large proportion of Children damage due to the use of the internet, including the psychological damage caused by watching pornographic content is not suitable for their age, to learn the wrong habits or bad qualities, to get to talk to people strangers who exploit them and draw their exploitation in various forms. In this article we explore how it is possible to take some initial actions and important to protect your children when using the internet.

Games viral online one of the sources of risk


5 حلول من أجل إنترنت آمن لأطفالك

Maybe he’s afraid of the Guardians of the applications used by their children on the phones, or social networking sites, ignoring the risk to which it is possible to count on their children from behind games viral online that are doing it and spend hours in front of it daily.


The report of the special sense of the KasperSky company’s latest in anti-malware and the risk to their No your online that 23% of children exposed to people asking for private information about their raise doubts over the games viral online. According to the research that they had on children from 11 to 16 years the report also noted that 20% of children do not find a problem in an interview people who are playing with them online, as the trust great confidence in the games that they play, certainly without awareness of the risks of this.

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