5 steps to clean and arrange your house digital on Facebook

Facebook is a world wide difficult for many of his familiarity with all its details and its characteristics, the lack of familiarity to the occurrence of some embarrassment or let the world see some sensitive information, you may write a publication or comment ordinary day and life becomes evidence of guilt to you in the future, so be on the user in those networks that know how to speak fully in the house, it digital and keep it tidy, to reflect the personal wishes to show to the outside world, and across the following lines, we will review with 5 important steps recommended-strongly – that every user of the network Facebook.

1. Trap Facebook groups

You might become Facebook groups (snares and Traps) can any person stand out, the reason for this is that any friend you on Facebook can add you to any group is suspect, and may correct the morning and you find yourself bound to a collection called such, or expresses the case you’re not approved or proposed by it, the big problem is not here, but is in the property (exploration groups) Provided by the Facebook network for all users, it appears that group a friend of your friends from within the proposals, in order to convince him more jointly, they’ll tell him you’re a suspect, too (as long as your friend so and so bound to it, may be you are also interested in joining).

It may become a disaster, you may enter your someone to the group embarrassing (without your permission) and then shows some of your friends you’re a suspect.

The problem of joining groups is one of the problems that Facebook should solve, it is not logical that the option is not available from the privacy options prevents anyone add me to any group without my permission, this is an old problem and you think it has been solved in the recent period, but when I searched and I found that the situation remains as is, then you can’t stop others from sending you to any group, public or private or even secret (but the group velocity will not appear to others and no one will know you) The only option is to say outside of the group will not be able to any other person to add you again without your permission.

What you should do: I advise you to do a lengthy visit the Groups page and then the excavation of all ancient societies have in common, you’ll find collections are no longer active and was filled with threads not groups filled with support, operations, publications, promotional and other over time and solve her case, and then start the process of cleaning and treatment of all the groups that no longer interest you or have been referred to retirement.

The other thing is that you will visit periodically to the Groups page that, to know the new communities that were added to it without your knowledge, of course there’s an alert sent by you to facebook all the time be added to any new group, but a lot of the no longer available list of alerts.

2. Pages of admiration, too

There’s another advantage of serious deals, which is that Facebook displays to the visitor of the page a list of friends involved in that page, in the left side (or right side if you are using the English version) there is a box name (Community) when you click on (See all) knows the details of the number of participants, including a full list of your friends involved.

It’s dangerous that it has become possible to change the name of the page even after they become large and full sense, may be changing the name of a page you suspect to something I’m not okay with it or not convinced, the problem is that a lot of the pages no longer show their publications in front of you because of the youth policy in the sort of publications, there are now dozens or hundreds of pages that you suspect have been completely forgotten about and no longer remember, probably became those pages publish publications that you don’t like nor agree with your beliefs, but your name will remain in the Register of participants until you cancel you like them.

What you need to do: redirect to list page on it, then spend some time to check old pages and that are no longer active and no longer need, or can cancel the admiration and retention on the follow button (Follow) so that your name will not appear in the list of teachers with continue to receive their publications.

Note: Facebook sends you a notification if you were changing the name of the page that you like her, how to change the names of the pages requires the approval of the manual first by the management of Facebook (to avoid manipulation and fraud).

3. Your profile through the eyes of others

A lot of users don’t visit and check their profiles periodically, and some of them don’t differentiate between the personal qualities and key, Free are the ones that show you when you open the Facebook website or the app, is that contain the publications of other content coming from Pages and groups and even ads that can’t be deleted from the page, Adam severe on that page, this is normal, but not normal to be your personal page is a joke, because you have the resolution, namely that they appear to others when you click on your name (whether friends or not friends)

The personal page is your home digital, is your paintings that give the viewer a glimpse of your personality and interests, and sometimes give personal information don’t like to show the world around you, so you should be careful in shows where and what is published, and may not be all that operates coming from you, it may be someone has pointed you in a photo or publication shows that publication in your page and you don’t know.

The first step is to see your profile through the eyes of others, to what appears and what does not appear, and to do this, follow these steps (if you use Facebook from your computer):

  • Go to your profile page by clicking on your name in the upper bar
  • Click on the icon of three dots (…) located above the casing at the top
  • Select the (View as) from the drop-down menu

Will show you your profile page as show for more than a billion people on the face of the earth (namely, the number of subscribers of facebook), and black ribbon at the top can change the option of (Public) and the name of any friend to many how to show your page to friends only within Facebook, can breathe between the tabs at the top and what shows to others images or videos and does it show the friends list or not, and other details.

Get off you until you reach the publications of the old, delete what is no longer useful, you don’t have a lot of details about your life or about what’s going on in your mind, try to keep what does and what does not what divides, keep to the publication of the positive and negative of your profile page.

Note: there are options you can change (settings, privacy) for all publications published by the former and analysis of the resurfacing work to appear to friends only, so with the Click of a button, This option is there inside the page privacy settings (Privacy) and (Limit Past Post).

4. Wipe your tracks old

Even after coming out of the pages and groups, will remain your tracks, it is true that the publications that you write in the group will not appear in your personal page, but it will stay there up to all of the related interests of that group and go for old content, it may be written words in the past changed your mind in the present, so how to reach him how to delete it, How do you revise what you wrote in the previous group came out of them like no longer able to access and to browse its publications for?

Is publications effects are the only ones that leave behind in the world of Facebook, but also (comments) and (clicks admiration) when you click on the icon like you are so sign your name in the list can anyone in the group found (as is the case in the pages too), but fortunately there is a solution. you can access to all your tracks on Facebook and the possibility to delete what you want from them, it’s the activity log page (Activity Log).

You will find an icon widescreen in your personal page name (Activity Log) through which you can reach all the publications/comments/likes/ or participation you’ve done, and every page subscribed to, or a group joined to it, in a nutshell will give you this record of all activity you’ve done in the network since the birth of your personal account, and the nice thing is that this record has become a sortable and easy access of what you want exactly.

Can sorted activities across (the year), or across type of activity (post or comment or like) also can display your tracks in the group or page only, and can even display videos that you have shared inside the network, and multiple other options.

You need to spend a lot of time in that page, you may spend hours after hours and soaked amid the details of this record that is hard for you reach the end of it, and when you find something undesirable or expired, click on the Delete icon in front of it to hide from the databases of the network.

5. Rearrange your home page

The home page is appearing in the publications of others, not only the publications of your friends, but what comes from Pages, groups and even ads that appear against you, there’s severe congestion on that page, especially that each person has hundreds or thousands of friends and a lot of pages and groups co, and everyone writes and publishes, will turn that page poor all that content?

System inside Facebook says winning and priorities, there is a mechanical mind decides to show that the publication or hide it from you, a lot of content beneficial and disappears on you without you knowing, but recently Facebook has developed a feature that allows you to choose the most important content to appear in the foreground always, and through that property you can choose 30 a friend or page (maximum) to be published them in the article.

How can This be done? There icon called (up) or (the Following) in the pages of your friends or the pages admiring the other, through which can be controlled to follow up the publication of that friend or page, you can click on it then choose (See First) from the list, they can check and find out full list of options (News Feed Preferences) or (preferences latest news) in the drop-down menu that appears when you click on a button the little arrow in the blue bar at the top.

Than the Facebook in recent years that separated (up) on (admirable friendship) may be a friend to someone, but don’t follow his publications and therefore does not reach you, and vice versa, and through this feature you can turn in shows you in home page, you can stop the publications of peace or the ones that make out or annoy you; and through the abolition of the follow-up to the owners, and the days will become your home digital on Facebook a place more comfortable and positive.

Finally …

Those were some tips and suggestions that I invite you to do it to your account on Facebook a hotbed of clean and worthy to be a Your home digital you spend some -or many – times, hosts, friends, colleagues, and even strangers who have more through your digital are Video, either if it weren’t the pioneers of this network, send this article to prevent the benefit of your friends addicted to spend hours every day in the corridors and alleys of Facebook.

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