5 techniques to form the near future for phones

Our Reports on the patents and plans of manufacturers for phones day after day, a little of the techniques you can expect to impact significantly on smart phones, here’s 5 techniques perpetrators may be have a significant impact in the near future:

1) the hidden cameras under the screen

5 تقنيات تشكل المستقبل القريب للهواتف 1

5 تقنيات تشكل المستقبل القريب للهواتف 1

Said Samsung it is working on the development of the hidden cameras under the screen, the effect is clear the idea will be shown on the design of the phones that will be equipped to know the entire content don’t believe note or a hole.

But one of the professional nurses from behind technique, is the possibility of hiding the cameras under the middle of the screen; but why? Even look at the screen and the camera at the same time, and set to capture the selfie because you consider yourself on the screen without the camera.

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