5 things available in your Google Home need to be used daily

Users of the device (Google Home) Google Home to repeat the appeal of “Hey Google Hey Google” so frequently throughout the day, so as to direct voice commands to the device, where there are many tasks that this device can implement, such as assistance in access to recipes for food, or wake you up early in the morning, or play clips of favorite music, and much more.

The following are the 5 things available in the Google Home you may need to use daily:

1 – set an alarm to wake you up or remind you that punctuality is important

Intends to use the device (Google Home) as an alarm to wake you up in the morning much easier than using your smartphone for this purpose, in the case of Google Home you can adjust it through the voice command following: (Hi Google.. set an alarm for 9 am”, and when the alarm rings at the specified timing you can stop it by voice command Stop Stop only.

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Depends set the alarm in the Google Home is extremely easy and flexible, where you can adjust the product at any time without having to use your hands to adjust the settings as is the case in smart phones, or traditional products, for example: you can send the voice command to Google Home while eating your food, or exercise at home.

2. listen to the news, or music, or audio clips:

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To be able to listen to my favorite songs for you, make sure first to connect the application to your Google Home Google Home App; the application of the music that you use, such as: YouTube Music, or Spotify, or other apps.

Can you voice command to Google Home to play a specific song or group of songs of a certain type, for example: you can forward an order for the device to run the rock songs that were released in the nineties of the last century.

When you want to turn off the songs, all you have to do is point the voice command following the device like this: (Hello Google, turn off music) Hey Google, Stop the Music.

You can also adjust the App Settings Google device home to continue through to the news headlines, and news sources, your favorite, as well as broadcast audio clips from these sources.

3 – know the weather:

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Guide the question about the current weather condition directly to the Google Home, and will move accurately on the state of the weather in any area you exist in, in addition will you also need the weather expected throughout the day, as you can ask the device for the predictions of weather for the coming weekend, as well as days next week.

4 – run some of the games interesting:

Need Google device home to some of the games interesting, so you can run some, and enjoy it in their leisure time you spend with your family, you may want to experience the game Mad Libs, or a game of Lucky Trivia, or a game of musical chairs, or others, where these games can help you in making a fun home with young children, or members of your family.

5 – to identify the films that currently know:

You no longer have now to connect to the phone without the cinema to enquire about the latest films of the opposition, or ticket prices, where you can ask Google Home directly to inform you of the names of the movies that you know in the current time, the role of cinema as you know it taking into account its proximity to your place of residence, it can also help you identify the available methods to purchase tickets.

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