5 things that distinguish the game Ring of Elysium for free

Games have become the Battle Royale (Battle Royale) is preferred to the public after the appearance of the forest (Fortnite), which surpassed Bobby (Pubg) assessed building tools that added to the game is great fun.

From the latest games to Battle Royale is the Ring of Elysium from company Tencent the Chinese are expected to be of months of the games didn’t provide a unique experience for excellence with the following:

1) the story of the game

Free her sexy stockings such as the cracks of the sky which players navigate from one place to another cube alien who created many theories about the story of the game, which to now unknown.

The story of RoE revolves around the ebb 100 tourists by Blizzard in one of the islands after the evacuation of the population, instead of the circle that illuminate the space playing on the players free without understanding its nature, what what can lead a life of the players is the height limit of the snow storm in some places of the map.

Player tries to keep to himself for as long as possible until helicopter rescue, so players are forced to fight; either to kill the storm because of the lack of place them all on the plane, only to be released in time or fight for a seat on this plane, but can be less.

2) you don’t have to fight always

You may have to fight but you don’t have fighting in every state, you can maneuver and hide in the proper places for life, has succeed once you do that, the HondaJet is rescue only accommodate four players are survivors, not just one.

3) abundant information

The game provides the information necessary to try to keep you alive all the time, including information on the weapons locations and easiest ways to traverse the map. It also allows you to choose the place of the beginning of the play accurately what seems logical and compatible with the narrative of the story, and that’s why I don’t start playing jumping out of an airplane or a truck or a plane as the usual games, Battle Royale.

4) a natural setting

The beginning of the snow storm which will be accompanied by B Snowy Mountains which take the dynamic image very realistic feel entire parts of the map, there are a lot of things unrealistic in the game.

Another example is that you can use many means to get rid of cars, skateboards and gliders and cable cars, as well as the use of tools also for mountain climbing, thus allowing you more of a way to escape with your life -does not prevent the use of the means of implementation other players from killing you and you used this means does not prevent you entirely from trying to kill them – until the arrival of a rescue plane that reaches in a short time specific, knowing that despite the availability of 4 seats, not a requirement to have it is the number of survivors.

5) other things

Compare the game with free other factors tend RoE, including the possibility of addressing yourself and you’re talking but less rapidly, belongings, weapons carried by the automatically linked, and that the goal of the game is a success in the original is what makes players in a more relaxed mode.

Finally, the vote that has a lot of advantages that make their games enjoyable.

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