5 things that should be changed when buying a new phone

When you buy a new phone definitely get the feeling of happiness with some excitement in the first few minutes, only to quickly begin to discover things that are bothering you and change it quick, and maybe you don’t know how to change it in the case of used phone from a different manufacturer for your phone older times is different from what you’re used to. In this article five of the things that probably need to be changed once you purchase a new phone running Android.

Stop reaction to touch either sound or vibration

Go to Settings, then Sounds and then Other Sounds and turn off touch feedback if you want it. And this sounds and vibration other nervous where they talk a lot, turn a lot of us to stop it. If you don’t prefer it, you can ignore this step, and also in the case will give the phone to an elderly person can not change these settings also.

Turn off the sounds and vibrations of the keyboard also

When you turn off the sounds and vibrations your mobility, it does not close the sounds and vibrations that occur when pressure on the keyboard and write, it is changed from a different place from the settings. Go to Settings then Language and input and select your keyboard and turn off the sounds and vibrations that are issued with each character you type.

Turn off auto-correction

Automatic correction of most often causes inconvenience and no benefit, especially in the case of writing in Arabic, so when buying a new phone probably should be off this property on the list of things that will change her first. To develop the property go to Settings then Language and input and select your keyboard and turn auto-correction wherever.

Turn off apps that you don’t need

Most of the phones come from different companies, loaded applications probably don’t need or don’t need some. These applications can tell the exhaustion of your battery in the background unnecessarily or perform continuous updates and you don’t need. Can get rid of some of these applications by deleting them, while you’ll find that most can’t delete it and you can in this case go to the Applications menu of settings and select On and off where it won’t be deleted but it will stop working.

Every phone when you open it make a sound given with the appearance of the company logo of the organization, this is normal only that some sounds might be embarrassing for you if you’re in a public place. To stop these sounds is no fixed method sometimes they are stopped and sometimes you need to clear the sound file.

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