5 things to miss by Note 9 on iPhone X

Samsung today announced the Galaxy Note 9 finally, in spite of the similarity in design with the Note 8, but it comes with many more enhanced and improved, but what beats out the Note 9 on his iPhone X? Let’s use it with.

The screen

Owns iPhone X one of the most beautiful screens in the world, but it is small for many because the ratio of the length to width 19.5:9 special Apple, what makes the screen of the iPhone 8 plus looks bigger than the screen of the iPhone X, but while comes to Note 9 in the same proportion as the dimensions, it comes with bigger screen size of 6.4 inch Super-type for the same beautiful colors.

Internal storage space

The largest version of the iPhone X in terms of internal memory space is a 256 gigabytes without the ability to add external memory cards, while Note 9 to part of 128 gigabytes and 512 gigabytes of address space, with support for memory cards external up to 512 gigabytes as well, i.e. it is possible to reach storage space dogs phones Note 9 to 1 TB.

The S Pen

Do not provide Apple TV so far, no pens outside for her phones, but the note series always marked the S Pen possible, which increased the outstanding with Noto 9 After that Samsung made support Bluetooth, so lets now talk about a few things in the phone such as image capture, scrolling forward and backward during the slide show, in addition to start and stop music and videos.

New features in the camera

Despite the advent of Noto 9 with the same camera Galaxy +S9 that competed with the iPhone X the performance are very close, except to Note 9 adds several features absent on the iPhone X like the technique of modification of the landscape through the use of artificial intelligence to define the elements of the image and classified automatically in 1 of 20 different classification is then adjusted white balance and brightness and color by classification to see great pictures, to add to the ability of the camera to recognize the mistakes of voice over show instant notifications in the case of covering the lens error during image capture.

Samsung DEX.

A feature of DEX, which displays the desktop experience Samsung great too, where this technique works via accessory simple allows download phones Galaxy to a computer with an integrated keyboard and touchpad, has got this feature in Note 9 on update makes it only need the HDMI adapter is simple to connect the Note 9 to an external monitor, so after a phone to the touchpad, and then connect any Bluetooth keyboard to the phone to complete any urgent work.

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