5 things you can do in maps Apple you can’t use them in Google Maps

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Under the Google Maps place of horror in smart phones, where they remain the preferred choice for users on the difference of the type of system used by them, whether Android or iOS, but users own iPhone maps Apple, which is not without its charm, here are 5 things you can do in maps Apple you can’t use them in Google Maps.

Put the Flyover

Containing Google Maps on street view, and Apple maps has Flyover, which is one of the best advantages, it allows you to take a tour of the three-dimensional in a city and look like you’re flying above, water available for hundreds of cities around the world, find the city that you want and a button will appear Flyover on the dashboard if the city supports this feature.

Three-dimensional display

Do not represent the public view is always the best angle to Trends in cities with high buildings and landmarks, and that gives you three-dimensional display space best of the ground during the transition from one point to another.

In Google Maps, you can use the satellite view and scroll quickly with two fingers to get the three-dimensional display of light during development.

In maps, Apple TV, don’t expect the satellite view for the turn -, but swiping with two fingers lets you entry to the three-dimensional situation, where you can watch three-dimensional buildings to help you get your bearings.

Get Lyft

Include the Google Maps program aweber, but maps Apple contain both uber and Lyft, and get directions in maps, Apple TV, click on the button run at the bottom left corner to see the prices and wait times for both uber and lyft by booking the best option.

Airport maps

If you have a pause too short and you need to speed to catch the flight, it can help you maps Apple in making that contact, it shows you all the maps of Google Maps, and Apple TV how to arrange the gates in the terminal, but the Maps application is Apple works best in allowing you to filter the map to find the information you want, where you can choose to see shops, offices, screening, gates, food, shops, toilets and others.

In Google Maps be control only that you use is the zoom that you face information in the hopes of finding them.

The weather

Stealing Google Maps current weather conditions for cities you are looking for, but the Maps application Apple do it for landmarks, and the current temperature and conditions in the small icon in the bottom right of the vam, you can then lightly press on the weather icon to see more information, including projections for five hours, or you can press firmly and move to the application of Weather forecasts full for nine days.

5 things you can do in maps Apple you can’t use them in Google Maps

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