5 things you can do using the screen of Google’s new smart

Google launched this week smart screen new Nest Hub Max – announced during its annual conference for developers Google I/O this year – priced at 229 USD only.

Nest Hub Max is the Smart Display which depends in its action on the (Assistant Google Voice) Google Assistant, and the About Google, it’s the perfect addition to your home, where you can use it as a camera internal, or controller in your smart home via voice commands, or the picture frame number, or a TV in the kitchen, plus they provide you to make video calls easily.

The following are 5 things you can do using smart display the new from Google:

1 – make video calls:

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Water is the largest enjoyed by the screen Google’s smart Nest Hub Max is having a camera with 6.5 MP, this means that you can make video calls through it. Most of it; during the chat the camera can use the free clear vision which informs the need to track your face while you move around the room.

You can also use the mode interpreter for a in foreign languages whenever you like, just give a voice command assistant: “Hey Google; we were hesitant to Italy”.

2. work as a personal assistant:

There is another benefit of facial recognition technology in the screen Google’s smart; she notices, personal and proactive, where you can use your phone to create a model for the face the device can use it for you, once you do so; you will be able to click on the screen to see the customized parts of information such as: calendar appointments, and video messages from your family and friends, with the ability to share reminders, or obtain alarm information in real-time.

3 – use the Nest Hub Max as a surveillance camera:

5 أشياء يمكنك فعلها باستخدام شاشة العرض الذكية الجديدة من جوجل

A few years ago; Google acquired the company Nest home automation, a company for the manufacture of thermostats and security cameras. Now Google says to include these features in the screen of her smart new.

With the application of Nest you can use the device Hub Max to help you monitor things in the house, where you can run it when outside of the home to verify that everything is going alright at home, at any time, as is the case with the camera Nest of security, it’s easy to see the event log, and through the activation of the feature (Home / Away Assist) that allows you to get a notification if the camera detects the movement of the weird, or you can’t identify someone in your house.

4 – gesture control in the stop operation:

5 أشياء يمكنك فعلها باستخدام شاشة العرض الذكية الجديدة من جوجل

Know anyone who has a speaker or a display intelligent to stop playlists music requires some effort either to shout a voice assistant during a quiet period about the suspension, or by clicking on the button yourself.

But the situation is different now with your Nest Hub Max, where you can stop him by using hand gestures through the Quick Gestures to pause as soon as you raise your hand. But limited feature gesture control is currently turned off music, and videos temporarily up and running.

5 – adjust the home decor:

5 أشياء يمكنك فعلها باستخدام شاشة جوجل الذكية الجديدة

One of the great features supported by the device Nest Hub Max; is lighting Ambient EQ, where the smart screen to adjust the color temperature, contrast, and brightness to match automatically with the lighting of the room, and in this way the device can compete well with other decorative pieces, rather than to seem like something inconsistent with the decor of your home

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