5 tips for photographers to invest time during the home insulation

With working cooling system, the social as a successful way to reduce the spread of the corona virus, most of us can now be at home for long periods on a voluntary basis, for the category of photographers, whether amateur or professional, it has affected their work to a greater degree than others, where owing to the nature of their work, development and transformation constantly.

But in spite of these limitations, these can be an opportunity for photographers to learn and acquire new skills, experience new creative technologies in the field of their work.

The following are 5 ways to help photographers in the investment of time during the quarantine:

1 – learn something new about photography every day:

With the presence of thousands of free resources and paid through the internet, access to knowledge is easy and accessible, there are hundreds of thousands of courses and lessons available to you in this area, you can search in YouTube or Patreon.

It also provided many of the resources to users enrolled in the domestic violence center of the pandemic MERS-CoV, such as: firm industry cameras, the Leica made a series of Sessions and discussions Free Online led by renowned designers, musicians, actors and other creators.

And Nikon, which allowed its curriculum is full of photography lessons online for free until the end of April.

2. experience editing techniques new:

The development of the software is photo editing significantly during the recent period, there is no doubt that the process of photo editing is no less important never captured with high professionalism, so you can use this time to develop your skills in editing.

There are a lot of companies that made many of their resources for free users during this period, such as: a company (Adobe) Adobe, which provided subscription free, for two months in the service of its users, to support individuals (especially independents) who are facing financial difficulties immediate.

Also you can enroll in this training package, which includes 8 training courses, more than 60 hours of content, covering all the skills of design, and photo editing.

3 – set goals what you want to accomplish during the next period:

Set targets that are easily achievable in the short term and long term, but make these targets bounce on the goal of a large one, such as: how to create a website for your business, or how to promote the professionalism of your business through social networking sites, or how to get new customers in the next period.

4 – check on your competitors:

Find what does fit you, during this time, and what do your competitors online and you do? Are there any opportunities to be tapped? And in what ways you can improve your online experience to provide greater value to your customers and potential? And how you can improve your methods current to help gain more customers?

These are all important questions really should ask yourself and her during this time, and if you have a web site using free tools or paid to scan your site and sites of your competitors to note such things as: the rate of download of the site, improve search engines, and their positions on the website to see the services offered by your competitors and provide you and tried to gauge the amount of what they get paid for these services.

5. communicate with colleagues and build your Network:

Despite not being able to interview people face-to-face, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t communicate and start conversations to build your business, go to the website LinkedIn, and start networking with people relevant once you, and contact them to learn how to deal with this epidemic, this will help communication in the acquisition of job opportunities in the future, either through referral or partnership, which will undoubtedly lead to job opportunities, or attract more customers in the future.

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