5 tips for success provided by the founder of Netflix

5 نصائح للنجاح يقدمها مؤسس نتفليكس5 tips for success provided by the founder of Netflix

Keen Reed Hastings, Combined Joint network television the famous Netflix , the chairman of the company’s CEO, is keen to give 5 tips to brief all who wish to succeed once business .

Came tips Hastings on the sidelines of the television interview was broadcast yesterday in which he talked about the future of the company and the number of participants and many of the topics .

Followed the recipe to the success of Hastings the founder of Netflix in the points following his

  1. Inger is too much to ask of you 10%
  2. We were open-minded and jerky at the same time.
  3. Don’t be afraid to make decisions when you have the facts to do that.
  4. Attention discipline
  5. Be vigilant always

Who is the founder of Netflix

Reid Hastie is an American entrepreneur, a co-founder and chairman of the board and CEO of Netflix and it works in a number of councils and non-profit organizations, a former member of the board of the state of California for education and advocate for education reform through charter schools.

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