5 tips to help you choose your Chrome book is appropriate

Become devices (Chromebook) Chromebook is more prevalent during the recent period, as indicate the statistics of company Futuresource Consulting; and to that Chromebooks now account for up to 60% of the total computers used in American schools, not to was these women don’t give up 5% in 2012. This figure is considered hugely impressive, as these devices do not exceed the 8-year-old.

The report also noted that although 89% of sales devices (Chrome book) the world still fall within the scope of the United States of America, however, sales of these devices are increasing significantly in some other regions around the world.

First: What are the devices (Chromebook) Chromebook’s?

Devices (Chrome book) is a new type of computer, designed to help you perform tasks faster and easier. These devices to the operating system belonging to Google (Chrome OS) Chrome OS, an operating system provides file storage in the cloud services, it also includes the best services, Google, containing levels of security multiple.

Because Google is moving in the development of the operating system for this hardware, and schedule updates for each model, the device (Chrome book) that the company (Lenovo) for Lenovo; you must be like a Chromebook which are manufactured by other companies, such as: (Dell) Dell or Samsung.

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This means that you can focus a little bit on the specifications of the traditional, focus more on what you want to do with the device you choose.

The following are 5 tips that will help you to choose the device (Chromebook) Chromebook appropriate for your use:

1 – touch screen:

5 نصائح تساعدك على اختيار جهاز كروم بوك المناسب

May be the touch screen requirement is not important in other operating systems, but on the Chromebooks you can considered as one of the basic requirements.

Gets the operating system (Chrome OS) on improvements for touch devices almost every month, since most Android apps that can be installed on the devices (Chrome book) through Google Play developed to score the deal with through touch, it may be the device which supports the touch screen a better choice.

It should be noted that the prices of devices (Chrome book) that support the touch screen is not much more expensive than other devices in 2019.

As to the computers that support the touch screen in a lot of often fall under the category (computers 2-in-1) that used cheap laptop, or tablet computers, this type of computers provides you with multiple advantages makes it easy to perform everyday tasks.

2 – Select other features that you want:

5 نصائح تساعدك على اختيار جهاز كروم بوك المناسب

As we mentioned before, the operating system is exactly the same on every device, which means that the features provided by the manufacturers in its considered of the utmost importance, therefore, select any of the features that you need in the device that can help you in narrowing the field of choice, and guide you towards choosing the right device for you.

For example: if you need the device to run a large number of applications your business you need device that supports a touch screen, but if you will use the device to watch movies, you need a device with a high-quality screen, and supports dual front speakers high quality.

If you need the device to be more productive through the many tabs open, and multiple windows, you may need to computer screen support (Aspect ratio) aspect ratio 3: 2, because it is more convenient for them, bearing in mind the power of the processor, the amplitude (Ram) RAM, and the number of ports, and types.

3 – screen size:

مقاس الشاشة

Come devices (Chrome Book) screen with different sizes and variety, and are limited to the 4 articles in general:

  • 11.6-inch: you’ll find it in devices of small size that are easy to navigate, reasonable prices, despite the small size of the screen will perform good, as you’ll find most of these devices contain a full-size keyboard.
  • Article 12.3 – 12.5 inches: you will find these articles more common in computers 2 in 1 like: HP Chromebook X2, the ASUS Chromebook Flip, the device the Google Pixel Slate, often the screen supports these models ratio 3: 2, which makes it more useful in the applications of split-screen, multitasking, drawing apps, and export.
  • 14 inches: not given this category and are widely spread, but with the edges thin, the design is appropriate, it facilitates the development of such devices, can be controlled easily such as laptops with screens up to 13-inch, in addition to the battery life by up to 7-9 hours.
  • 15.6 inch: this category of computers depends on it in the office work even further, where considered appropriate more to increase productivity because you can utilize more space of the screen to work on several tasks at one time, but they tend to be of battery life shorter, and weights the top, making it difficult to breath it daily.

In general, the greater the screen size, the more difficult to navigate the device easily, often the smaller screen size also became a battery life longer, but had live models to smaller contain on screens with low resolution, and, accordingly, the purchase decision depends on what you prefer and what you need from the device.

4 – memory, and storage space:

الذاكرة ومساحة التخزين

Think (Random Access Memory) the RAM; one of the basic specifications that you should keep in mind about buying any computer, whether a desk, laptop, as well as in smart phones, tablet devices, where a reliable processor to retain tabs current, open applications, and the execution of orders, expenses, and programs that run in the background of the operating system.

You may wonder what is the RAM capacity do you need? If (Random Access Memory) the RAM capacity of 4 GB in your Chrome book is considered good in the current time, but 8 GB is much better, it can also come devices Chrome book Leading with a capacity of 16 GB or more, but 4GB is more than enough to run the system (Chrome OS) Chrome OS, with several applications, scores and tabs on the Chrome browser.

If you are a user of Windows devices for a long time, you will it confusing initially when you specify the path to the volume on the Chromebooks, where the options available to us seem to be sufficient.

But keep in mind that the operating system (Chrome OS) is based mainly on the cloud storage – where the integration ( Google Drive) Google Drive directly in the application files – but the internal storage is still important for things such as: applications, and documents not connected to the internet, music and movies.

You can increase the storage capacity of many organs of the Chrome book by using external memory card, either SD, or microSD, depends is identifying the internal storage on your use of the device, where the internal storage 32 GB expandable is a good option, but we recommend using a model with a capacity of 64 GB at least, and usually the internal storage of 128 GB, or more are available in the hardware Chrome, which increases the price by about $ 500.

5 – be sure to check the status of support:

دعم التحديثات

Don’t get Chromebooks updates non-specific such as the other computers that you can install the latest version of the operating system on it, where all of the applications, operating system (Chrome OS) more on cloud computing, so enjoy all your Chrome book to the period of specific support, and then doesn’t get updates.

When the development of Google’s new system devices, provides support for automatic update of this system for at least 6 years, so the first thing you should check before buying a chrome book New Or Used, is access to the support page provided by Google, where the date of expiry of support for your Chrome book wave drive, among which you can find in which device to get updates for the operating system.

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