5 tips to improve the appearance of your site on the internet

Every minute is to create more than 500 new site on the web, so in addition to the billions of sites available basis. When the new website is launched, the main challenge is to attract the visitors to visit the site. If search engines like Google are the primary driver of traffic online, and if you want to improve the appearance of your site, you must get your site to rank higher in the search results. Statistics indicate that almost 60% of users are clicking on the first 5 search results shown by Google, so getting higher rankings in the search results is a top priority for many companies today.

There are 5 ways to promote your website online to appear in the top results of search engines:

  1. Posting content that answers your customer’s questions

The adage that “content is king” is already real. The best way to improve the appearance of your site is by posting fresh content regularly. This must have content of real value and should answer the users ‘ questions. Demonstrates research carried out by the company R. B. B. A. operations research-based questions have increased dramatically in recent years, due to the fact that search engines have become trusted sources for the right information.

If you think a search engine that this page is the best source to answer a question, it makes the top of the search engine results and puts them in the form of a square answer, which you automatically get as many clicks as possible. For example, when you type “who is the ruler of Dubai” on google, it displays the answers that are deemed to be most appropriate in the top of the page (in the box of the answer). In order to achieve better use of results of the answer box is top-rated, you need to discover the questions of the users and improve the performance of your website accordingly.

  1. Use local content to your target audience

The translation of your content is not enough if you want to target an audience in another country. Target the audience better, it is necessary to make the content speaks in the language of that country by using a native speaker accent, especially if you are targeting an audience speaking in Arabic. For example, the word house has several versions in the Arabic language, such as United Arab Emirates used (house), (house) in the state of Morocco. And also for the names of the cities that have different versions in Arabic. For example, can be written in Damascus in another way such as “tea” Casablanca can be written “Casablanca.”

  1. Improve your site’s search words long

The search results for some sectors such as banking, it may be difficult to categorize the terminology clear at the top of the rise on Google – for example “bank” or “loans”. It can be more effective when you use the “searches long tail”Long Tail Searches . Which is about phrases or sentences long specific questions in kibera.

When improving your website, must contain the title of your page on the most important Keywords of Wales the subject of the transaction. Instead of using a generic title such as “Bank in the United Arab Emirates” which is (short tail) Short Tail Keywords, you must use the product and the location more specific (long tail) the Long Tail Keywords such as “personal banking services in Dubai”. You can also use this technique on the substance of the content, where the integration of keywords or queries long tail is comparatively easier and shows in the search automatically.

  1. Balance your site with mobile phones

Started Google recently indexed page and installed on its own search engine based on Mobile versions of websites instead of versions of the computer, which will adversely affect the Web sites non-compliant with the mobile, so the update will improve the ranking of Web sites compatible with mobile more in search results compared to sites not appropriate. It is therefore necessary to have a website suitable for mobile phones as much as possible to ensure brands the appearance of their websites within search engine results. Enjoy the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia with the highest prevalence rates of migration of smart in the world, so providing a site compatible with mobile will provide a better user experience it will enable you to browse the visitors to your site.

  1. Use paid search to get the appearance of immediate

It usually takes between a month to 3 months until you website ranking naturally on Google. You can use a paid search service such as Google AdWords. Google Adwords, which enables your site from appearing at the top of the ranking immediately. There is also a service payment when you press Pay Per Click which is a model of an online ad is used to guide the visits to the site, you can use to promote your site to get immediate results. The payment service when pressure also help you to manage your budget and measure the return on your investment much easier. It also allows for targeting specific geographical location (at the city level, for example, the advertisement will be displayed in Dubai only) gives you more control in how to target the right audience.

There are no short cuts to improve the appearance of your site on the internet. It may take some time so you must be patient, and try to meet the requirements of users and the volatility of the market proactively. In the long run, you will grow your business and take your company to new heights of profitability and distinguish your brand and its success.

Wrote the article by Naguib cook buyer, Director of marketing in the company R. P. B. I., and award-winning person of the year in the field of the digital sea in the Middle East and North Africa to 2017

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