5 tips to take advantage of the application of Google Translate while traveling

Don’t come application (Google translation) Google Translate is preinstalled on most smartphones, but its application is indispensable when you travel, where you enjoy the benefits of many of them: the interpretation for the street signs and restaurant menus through the camera, save the phrases you use the most, and download the language of development without an internet connection, and much more.

The following are 5 tips to take advantage of the application of Google Translate while traveling:

1. use the camera for:

5 نصائح حول استخدام تطبيق ترجمة جوجل أثناء السفر

When you travel to other states may be difficult for you to read signs, menus, brochures and counseling in foreign languages, has been trying to write every word in Google Translate to find out its meaning, but you can do it faster, by directing your phone’s camera to the words that you need translated immediately.

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I got the camera tool in the application of Google Translate on the update this month that adds 60 new language to its database, which means that you can now translation 88 languages. The update adds also a feature that can detect the language that you want translated, and this is particularly useful if you’re somewhere with multiple languages.

In addition to the use of the camera for instant, you can also import a photo from your phone to translate the text in them.

2 – Download the languages:

تنزيل اللغات

You can’t guarantee the fixed access to the internet during your trip, but even in times that not be able to have access to the internet, you can still use Google Translate if you have downloaded the language pack that you want to translate.

Even if you are sure that you will have a data connection at your destination, the download language targeted at application Google Translate takes only one minute, in anticipation of any sudden.

You can download your language by going to the list of languages, pressing the Download button next to the language you want. Andrange in capacity packs all language between 35 and 45 MB, so it will not occupy much space on your phone.

3 – conversation mode:


No longer use the microphone to get a quick translation is easy in the application of Google Translate, where you can use it to help translate conversations between you and the speaker a foreigner, but when in microphone mode, the default setting is to listen to one language and get the translation.

So if you click the microphone button, you can adjust the app is a conversation mode where it will listen to both languages, and offers you instant translation while you talk with your friend the alien, and all of you uses your native language.

4 – Save Phrases That You may need:

If you find yourself looking repeatedly for a translation for some phrases, it you can save these phrases for easy access when you need to translate, just click on the star icon next to the translation result will be added to the existing (saved).

You’ll be able to find then easily in the tab (saved) Saved in the bottom of the screen.

5 – translation using handwriting:

حفظ العبارات

You can draw letters or phrases to be translated using a translation app Google, can take advantage of that if you don’t find the letters or symbols that you want to translate on the keyboard.

All you have to do is select the language that you need translated, then click on the button “handwriting”, and “type here”, send a letter or a word or phrase. When you stop drawing, the app will display the nearest text matching.

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