5 trick to use the camera in any phone

Every year the camera becomes the most powerful in smart phones, come new possibilities might make us forget some of the basic advantages and therefore offer you 5 trick to improve image capture:

1) panorama mode

Normal mode

Resort to most users when you use the panorama mode in Photography to portray the image of wide or 360°, but the truth is that the best result you can get is to make the image wide by a few about regular as you can see in the two pictures.

Panorama mode

2) Aperture

If your phone comes with a dual, you’ll apply the default camera often put the Wide Aperture is useful to focus on the component near in the image and make the background blurry, as in some phones you can modification the rate of the blurry background before or after taking the photo.

3) put the successive images

Instead of clicking in a row or hold on the Export button to capture the image streak can take advantage of the put Brust Shot / Brust Photo for faster and more consistently in the pictures, and then choose the best result after that.

4) The advantage of Raw

If you want to accelerate on the photo to professionally use the Raw mode you’ll find settings for the camera application; in this situation, you’d keep the audio uncompressed to be able to modify it applications professional like Lightroom.

5) The HDR feature

Finally, don’t forget to activate the export feature, high dynamic HDR when taking pictures in landscape mode, especially when facing the shadow and a strong light, as the technology works to reduce the dynamic range larger for lighting, this will mean that shadows will be more obvious thanks to the work the consistent level of lighting throughout the image.

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