5 tricks to help you protect your phone android

A lot of articles already existing that advises you using the apps on your Android phone to detect malicious software that can harm your phone and your important data at risk, but on another side there are many other tools that help protect your phone from the risks related to not much, and probably more often than not set their gravity pre-exposure.

In this article we review some of the tools within the system of Android itself and through some of the apps also help you to achieve security through a lot of often.

1. Feature Screen Pinning in Android

Since 2014 with the release of Android 5 lollipop, which enabled a Google feature called Screen Pinning, and let you feature to make the screen available on the particular application and allow the user to trade in the phone only when you type a password or draw the desired pattern to unlock the phone, this feature a huge benefit in a lot of situations where it is possible to rest assured when you give someone your phone to see something without worrying that opens any other application by personal information.

In the case that the version of the Android system on your phone is the Android 5 lollipop or higher, you can activate the feature from the security settings of your phone, then you open a list of applications that are running to mark the PIN allows you to install the app that you use on the screen.

5 حيل تساعدك على حماية الهاتف الأندرويد

2. Apply to clean passwords

Many of the apps on Google Play allows you to save passwords and enter them automatically, so do not use the same password in all websites and all your accounts hacked if you hacked someone, and also don’t set passwords easy so I don’t forget.

And also these applications are different levels of protection for passwords saved on your own, one of the best applications for the job application LastPass.

3. Use the Smart Lock

If you get bored of the drawing style or writing your password lock screen, there is a feature called Smart Lock, which is really clever and not in name only. And let you the property that you can activate it and check its settings to make your phone does not need your password or draw the pattern in certain situations, such as when you are in a certain place, or you are connected with a certain etc. of the advantages of intelligent and practical.

5 حيل تساعدك على حماية الهاتف الأندرويد

4. A property inspection app in the Android

If you don’t want to be application to combat viruses and malware from the selections available on the Android platform, there is a feature that not everyone knows exists in the system since 2012 allows detecting malware automatically, but they need to do, and to do this you have to stop the list of Google in the settings and activate it, or maybe find it in the application settings of the Google home if your phone is relatively old.

After activating this feature, the system detection risk automatically, without the need to apply anti-virus on your phone always.

5. Login steps

Activating the login steps in your accounts is important and agreed to do it if you fear for your accounts on various websites, and through it no one can access your account without the Authenticator or message on your phone, making access to your account is not possible even if someone know your password.

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