5 ways that can help you. the Amazon Echo in maintaining your health

Intends to try to coordinate between the performance of the exercise, and prepare healthy eating, focus at work during the day as a great challenge for anyone, but the development aid sound easy to perform a lot of daily tasks, for example, can help you one of the speakers smart home which supports voice assistant Alexa – such as: Amazon Echo, the or Echo Plus, or Echo Input – in the management of things relating to maintain your health easily.

Buy an Amazon Echo on the built-in functionality that can help you prepare healthy meals for the week, and do the exercises to quick in less than five minutes, or to help you meditate and get rid of negative energy throughout the day, and that’s a lot of options to help you get the body limber and better health.

In the following 5 ways can help you. the Amazon Echo in maintaining our health:

1 – Exercise:

Device supports Amazon Echo routine dedicated to exercise you can reach it easily, and do without the need to leave the house, all you have to do is determine the exercises that you want in the application new, by following these steps:

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  • Scroll to an application (new) Alexa to your device.
  • Click on the list (skills exercise) workout skills, and to activate the exercises that you want.
  • When you are ready for exercise, say something like: “Alexa; start soaking the plank for five minutes”, and at the end of the exercises as possible to request a nomination to extend the Stretch.

2 – prepare healthy eating:

Eating healthy is no less important than physical activity that you do to keep your body, can help your voice assistant Alexa in planning your meals as healthy, and make sure that the foods consume are still fresh, and you also know the number of calories you ate during the day.

Can tell you feature (Save The Food) in the application of Alexa how to store certain foods, and when you should stop using it, just say “Alexa; ask (Save The Food) about how to store avocados”, or “Alexa, ask (Save The Food) if it was good eating guava juice”.

There is also a feature of AllRecipes which you can prepare meals based on foods found in the freezer already.

If you want to calculate the number of calories you throughout the day; activate the feature (Nutrition Label) and ask Alexa about the number of calories contained in your meal.

3. Remember to drink water throughout the day:

In spite of how important money is to our bodies; but we do not remember to drink water throughout the day, especially people who suffer from the time crunch. Here you can claim your Amazon Echo – or the use of the application of an Alexa if you are not at home – to remind you to drink a glass of water every hour, and you can activate the feature (Water Log) to allow you to track the amount of water you drink throughout the day.

4. sleep better:

Depends sleep is the third pillar of good health after the healthy eating, and exercise, but in a lot of times have to sleep long enough for a challenge when you have a lot of tasks that you’re thinking, and you can use your Amazon Echo to relax and sleep better. Just say “Alexa; and turn on the sounds of the rain” will start the device in operation the sounds of rain soothing, or if you prefer the sounds of nature the other the advantage (Sleep Sounds ) with more than 125 sound to choose from.

5 – meditation guide:

The longer meditation is one of the important ways of training the mind to focus, redirect the thoughts, and relax enough to fall asleep, so he is at least as important as exercise.

If it was a long day and stress, you can say “Alexa, open the guide to meditation and open Guided Meditation”, then continue what you are told by the guide. You will find there hopes different track every day, so you will always have a new way to calm your mind.

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