5 ways to fix Android smartphone which is not charging

Agree, the equipment always breaks at the wrong time. Especially frustrating when your phone keeps working, but began to charge. Or stops charging at all. In this situation it is not necessary to sound the alarm. It may happen that you can return the phone to life a very simple way.

Outset that if the failure is serious, without special training “under the hood” of the phone better not to go, entrusting it to the professionals from the service center. However, a simple manipulation you are quite capable.

1. Check the power supply

Very often a high chance that your Android smartphone is not the source of the problem. It lies in the power source. If you charge the phone from a wall outlet or docking station, try connecting it to the laptop. If the problem disappears, replace the charger.

2. Replace the power cable

This paragraph follows logically from the previous one. Cables subjected to quite heavy wear over time. You are constantly pulling them from a smartphone, bend and fold. Sometimes a cable can look undamaged, but it will not work properly.

3. Check the outlet

In any case, check the outlet. The problem may be in it. Problems on transmission line of energy can burn not just your phone. Be careful with this.

4. Restart the smartphone

Then just begs the joke about “have you tried to disable and re-enable?”, but sometimes it really works. And to restart the device need not simple way, and making the so-called Hard Reset. That is, the restart of all components of the phone. For each device, this process looks differently. Read the manual or find information about your model on the Internet. It is also desirable to pull over for a while the battery (if possible) and then paste back. Yes, the advice may sound silly, but I personally (and this is a true story) in the last 2 months I changed the 2 battery. And the second one at the beginning of 2019 began to work properly. After the “deep” reset no problem. We hope that they will not appear.

5. Replace the battery

As corny as it may sound, but if all of the above has not helped — time to change the battery. But first diagnose the nearest service center because the problem may be hiding much deeper (for example, damage to the power controller).

Bonus tip: clean smartphone

Eventually even the most secure devices accumulate dust, which interferes gadgets. If your phone allows you to remove the back cover, do it carefully and clean all the contacts. Look inside the openings for charging and a 3.5 mm headphone Jack. Take a toothpick and clean. You’d be surprised how many there may be dust and dirt.

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