5 ways to help you Google Home to sleep better

Google worked over the past two years to integrate features (shelf and Digital) Digital Wellbeing in most applications and its organs simultaneously, and to help users to find the balance between the use of technology and achieve personal goals.

If you are going to make some decisions for Health, which is considered the most important part of which is the better sleep, the device (Google Home) Google Home can help you to do this by voice commands, and to rely on your smart phone.

If you are having problem in sleep; start by saying “Hey Google, Hey Google, I can’t sleep”; it will help your device by giving some options – like: listening to the sounds of nature, or running clips quiet music, or listening to bedtime stories – that will help you relax, sleep deeply.

The following are 5 ways to help you Google Home to sleep better:

1. listen to relaxing music:

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There is no doubt that listening to quiet music helps to relax, to sleep faster, all you have to do is say the words: “Hello Google, the music playing relaxed.”

Will you assistant Google on a playlist relaxing music which help to relax to: YouTube Music, or Google Play Music, or Spotify, or Pandora, or Deezer if you have an account on any of them – if not, all of these services options, free -, if I liked any of the playlists, open the music app to save it.

2 – get rid of the annoying noise:

If you suffer from noise generated by traffic in the streets, or the construction next door, can help you Google Home in getting rid of them, just say: “Hey Google; filled noise white-to play white noise,“ will be the Google Home running a range of voices to the sound of outside noise disturbing.

3. listen to the podcast:

Listening to podcast is one of the common methods for people when they cannot stop the mind from thinking, just say: “Hey Google; filled podcast”, it will choose you a playlist to suit your interests.

But you can select what you want to listen to him, since the app is full of about custom to help you sleep such as: (Sleep With Me), the sleep Meditation Podcast, and much more.

You can click on the icon of the moon after the start of the episode, so expect the podcast after a specific period, you can choose to turn off the podcast after 5 minutes or 105 minutes or at the end of the episode, depending on what suits you.

4. listen to the sounds of nature:

If you are from the people who help them the sounds of nature to sleep quickly, such as: the sound of rain, or the sound of the wind, or the sounds of rivers, or waterfalls, etc., you can use Google Home to these sounds before sleep, just say: “Hey Google; filled the sounds of nature to relax”.

5 – listening to stories before bedtime:

If your child is having difficulty sleeping, try option bedtime story in the Google Home since most of the tales focus on children. And Assistant Google short stories from books Google Play, as you can choose from 3 to 10 minutes from the fairy tales, or strange story, or short story about the famous cartoon characters such as: (The Adventures of Dora) Dora the Explorer.

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