5 ways to improve user experience through Chatbots

Help robot chat interactive Chatbots – a software the talks that rely in their work on artificial intelligence – in the talks personality and automated with the customers on a large scale, and certainly lead to change the way you interact brands with their customers, and when the chatbot high quality, it helps in improving the level of interaction with customers is big.

Judge people on the strength of the brand through the user experience provided by the customers, where if a good user experience and make customers interested in natural products, and the services of the company, everything matters to customers is the ability of a brand to meet their needs when called upon.

Reached a study conducted by Oracle, 80% of brands plan to use the robots interactive chat Chatbots by 2020, while stated in the report of the company ubisend that 35% of consumers perceive that the interaction with chatbots offers them a better experience, which is interesting given that this expansion is completely new.

The diversity of the solutions and products adopted on artificial intelligence in the recent period significantly, where the included software conversations, text, audio, and speech recognition, and natural language processing, and the aid of voice, techniques of facial recognition, task automation and administrative processes, in addition to a lot of other functions, which encouraged institutions and companies to use the tools, and artificial intelligence to help them compete in the market.

The beginning what are the Chatbots are?

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chatbot is a program interface that allows institutions to communicate with the customer via the interface live chat, and can be communicate via text chat, or voice, where the Chatbots – backed techniques based on artificial intelligence and natural language processing – can improve customer experience dramatically over a short period of time, I have noticed companies a significant rise in the degree of customer satisfaction after the application of the chat software that believes in their work on artificial intelligence.

The following are 5 ways to improve user experience by relying on Chatbots:

1 – safety direct communication:

Robots are interactive chat Chatbots to simplify the interaction between people, brands, they are programmed to have the skills of handling a particular language to be able to complete the talks and discussions in a manner similar to the human. Thus, they provide a unique experience customized for clients, and can provide recommendations to users, or give promotional offers, discounts, or recommend places to eat, or make attempts to resolve the problem related to the product, and can response to customers ‘ inquiries without impeding the purchase journey of their own.

For example: when you log on to the online marketplace, can offer you Chatbots best clothes based on your needs, and saves you the trouble of searching for the best among the huge variety of options, and personalize the experience by offering suggestions such as: Trunk or shoes to match the outfit you have chosen.

2. enhancing customer engagement:

Don’t expect the task of robots, interactive chat Chatbots when assisting customers in their choices to complete the purchase, but can also assist in the marketing strategies of foreign Outbound Marketing, and to do this by negotiating with the customers even after the purchase of the product.

Include the different ways in which they can use chatbots to keep customers interactive with your brand are the following:

  • Send follow-up letters to customers.
  • Provide tips to the customers.
  • Send to congratulate customers on their birthdays, or anniversaries, or any special occasion.
  • Offering discounts for purchases next.
  • Send ads to customers on products, and new services.
  • Support for after the purchase.
  • The involvement of site visitors in the polls directly.

3 – gain more potential customers:

Refers opinion poll carried out by the company NewVoiceMedia to that companies lose approximately $ 75 billion in the year 2017 only, due to poor customer service, and, accordingly initiated many brands to follow the current trend and relying on the solutions of artificial intelligence.

Designed robot chat interactive Chatbots to collect information centered around the user such as: purchase behavior, preferences, and admiring of, it is also useful in the development of marketing messages, ad hoc, for example: when it reacts to any new visitor to the site with the chatbot, it receives first collects information about what they are looking for, then provide it with the appropriate information.

While chatting with the customers, and to respond to their inquiries, and providing information about discounts, saying chatbots also inform them if there are promotions exclusive. This helps the type of conversation initiated by the robot and chat to convert potential customers into buyers, and thus directly contribute to increased profits.

4 – marketing via social media platforms:

Sometimes, it becomes difficult for a customer service representative to respond to all queries posted on social media, but robot-the interactive chat that can communicate with an infinite number of customers at the same time – unlike human beings – they can think, and start to trend, regardless of whether installed on site or applications, so companies can implement marketing campaigns at any time, and access to customers regardless of the place of their business.

Companies use robots interactive chat as its representative, i.e. they serve as a person who provides information on behalf of the company, and this is the reason that companies focus too much on the development of chatbots, as many companies are working on developing robots chat that provide innovative responses and intuitive to customize the customer experience.

5. provide customer service around the clock:

Often exceeding customer inquiries after hours, or when the customer service staff is available to two, leads keep customers in waiting for the arrival of the competent employee, to leave a negative impression because of the delayed response. But robots interactive chat help companies solve these problems by providing the possibility to respond to customer questions at any time.

Enjoy Chatbots a unique advantage because it does not rot, or need time to consider, and it can work 24 hours all days of the week. Customers can ask questions via voicemail, email or chat directly at any time they want and they can rely on a timely response.

In general; don’t help the bots interactive chat to provide customer service more efficiently, but also help sales through the ease of identifying problems, patterns, repeated, and predict the causes of the problem of the user, with do it on the clock, which helps in saving time and resources, so that they can be better exploited in any other place.

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